Tuesday, August 28, 2012

That "Essex Lion" Farce...

Neil Arnold (right, in the photo above) takes a deep look at the "Essex Lion" story and provides us with what is probably the only voice of sanity in this sorry saga!

Neil begins:

"Okay, so the rumours circulated that there was a lion on the loose near Clacton in Essex. How many more stories like this are going to be followed up by droves of police officers and reported on my drama hungry papers ? It's a sorry state of affairs, and it's hysteria that makes a mockery of my research because when investigators, as usual, find no evidence of the lion king, everyone starts laughing and saying that there are no large cats roaming Britain."

And here's the link to Neil's complete post.

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  1. The internet age is interesting in how quickly rumors are spread, and sometimes, more rarely quickly slain. More common is how old rumors are resurrected for a new audience. The FBI Hottel memo revival last year is a prime example of that.