Friday, August 3, 2012

When The Zombies Attack

Ever wondered how you might survive in a real zombie outbreak? Well, in my latest post for I have a few ideas...


  1. Don't worry,that zombie pictured above is of the harmless variety of zombies.
    He's not looking for brains,he's just after an
    IKEA catalogue .
    Just throw an Alan-key at him and give him some cheap Swedish designed furniture to build,and pretty soon frustration will kill anyway.

    The only trouble here though is that you might still die while trying to find your own way out of the store .-)

    1. My favorite method for getting rid of a vampire is not the ole stake thru the ticker, but instead leaving a fistful of salt inside the coffin of the suspected undead. It was believed the would-be blood-sucker would become so obsessed with the fruitless task of counting every single grain, it would never be able to rise from the coffin :P