Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Flights and Gigs...

I worked out today that this year (so far...) I have done 48 flights. That's 24 round-trips for TV shoots, conferences, lectures and various other gigs. My brain and bones must be fucking fried going thru all those security things at the airports. Oh well, it's all go, go go!!!

"Conference on the Unexplained!" Just a Few Weeks Away...

A gig I'll be speaking at in  just a few weeks from now, on the Men in Black mystery...

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

The Supernatural Hazards of Being a Writer

That's the title of a new article from me at the Mysterious Universe website, and which you can find at this link. And here's how the article begins:

"Is it possible that writing on certain, supernatural subjects can result in you getting “hit” by the powers of paranormal entities? It might sound bizarre – crazy and even insane. The fact is, though, that such things have happened to me time and time again. Also to good friend David Weatherly, and specifically in relation to his research and writing in the field of the Black Eyed Children. And to another friend of mine, Buffy Clary, who got hit by lightning on two occasions while researching about, and reading on, the phenomenon of the Djinn. Even for an author like myself – someone who has written more than fifty books across slightly more than the last two decades – the publishing world can still present challenges. Very strange ones, as the opening lines of this article showed, and how things can get worse. Deadlines, edits, fact-checking, securing photographs to accompany the text, and planning publicity campaigns, can all be time-consuming at times. In the end, however, it’s all worth it, as I still have the enthusiasm for all things weird that I had when I was a kid. That said, there is another aspect to book-writing which can present the author with more than a few challenges. And, on more than a few occasions, those same challenges are steeped in menace and supernatural activity. At least, for me they are. Perhaps, for you, too."

Friday, October 4, 2019

Nightmares, Dreams and Unwanted Visitors

Today's article is on the subject of what can happen when "something" invades your nightmares.

Here are the opening paragraphs:

"If you want weird, you’ve got it. It didn’t get much more bizarre than Saturday morning, October 14, 2017. The night before, I gave a lecture in Fort Worth, Texas for a local group called Satori. It was a good turn-out and among those who turned up was good friend, Kimberly Rackley, who has had her very own run-ins with the Men in Black. During the lecture, I made mention of how certain supernatural things can invade our dreams – and, in the process, turn those same dreams into absolute, mind-warping nightmares. I guess someone – or something – was tuning in, as the following morning I received at Facebook Message a  strange tale of – wait for it – Men in Black and Women in Black who had invaded the dreams of the victims. No, I do not jest.

"The story came from a guy in Florida, and who I had spoken with some time earlier. In my 2016 book, Women in Black, I told the very strange story of 'A Hesitant Believer,' who had a chilling encounter with both a MIB and a WIB a few years earlier. It was a hostility-filled encounter, in which the clearly non-human pair in black put a hex on poor 'AHB,' one which left him extremely ill for a while. On this date in 2017, though, he wanted to tell me of a follow-up encounter, which was no less strange or unsettling."

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

January 2020: The Alien Snowfest

A gig I'll be speaking at in January, the Alien SnowFest at Big Bear Lake, California.

I'll be speaking on my recently published book, Flying Saucers from the Kremlin.

Plenty of time to plan!

Here are a few photos from last year's gig:

A Strange Dream and a Weird Man in Black

That's the subject of a new article from me, which you can find at this link, and that starts as follows:

"Today, I’m on a bit of a 'weird dream' kick. By that, I mean there will be another dream-based article after this one. John Winterbauer is a friend of mine who I run into about once a year or so at conferences. At 8:43 a.m. on November 21, 2015 John sent me a text – while clearly in a state of some concern – that revolved around the story of a woman named Terry, who I interviewed a few years back. Her MIB-themed encounter makes for chilling reading. In part, Terry had told me: 'This encounter occurred during the day time thirty five years ago in 1977 at a Winchell’s in Sunnyvale California, I was just sixteen years of age at the time. My best friend and I had just finished our coffee and were heading for the doorway to leave. As we were passing a man seated at one of the tables, he reached out and firmly grabbed my wrist. In that moment my first reaction was to jerk away from his grip, but looking down at him I realized that he was a very old man and I felt in that moment that he was harmless. He was dressed in black wearing an old fashioned hat and suit, his clothing looked like it was from the 1930’s. He was extremely pale, very thin and appeared to be very old, I guessed in his 80’s or 90’s.'

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

One Book, Two Covers

Now and again, when my books are in the pre-printing stage, me and the publisher will decide on what the cover should look like.

And sometimes, there might be a couple of very different ideas. That was how things went down with my 2018 book, The Black Diary.

It was published last year and covered such subjects as the Black Eyed Children, the Men in Black, the Women in Black, the Hat-Man, and the Shadow People. In other words, a bunch of supernatural creeps.

I like both covers, and we finally settled on the "hoody" cover, but I think the one that was never used - of a Shadow Man sitting in a cool old chair - is a good one too...

UFOs and Michigan

Hanging out at the Michigan UFO Con on September 21, which was a good, fun time!

Friday, September 27, 2019

A New Book on Area 51

If you haven't had enough of the recent Area 51 controversy, Tim Beckley has a new book out on that very subject. Here's the publisher's info on the book:




in the worse case scenario, what would happen if ten thousand or more citizens stormed the gates of Area 51? Would they be arrested or even shot? No trespassing signs monist the public to keep out at all costs – but for what reasons? As a “free nation” we have the right to know what the government and military is doing with our tax dollars. Certainly nothing could be that Top Secret – or could it be?
Insists one of the brightest engineers who has worked inside Area 51 : “Anything you can imagine we already know how to do!...We know how to travel to the stars!...The Air Force has give us a contract to take ET back home!...We have things in the Nevada desert that are alien to your way of thinking far beyond anything you see on Star Trek!”

The public wants to know – have high tech weapons and aircraft been back engineered at Area 51’s Groom late as part of an on going “secret space program? And are such craft being test flown there, side by side with the stored remains of extraterrestrials recovered in the Roswell UFO crash? Though Area 51 has existed since the late 1940s, it has in recent times become the focus of conspiracy theories due to its selectivity and connection to classified aircraft and atomic weapons research.
Conspiracies include: ** The storage, examination and reverse engineering of crashed alien spacecraft, including unknown materials recovered at Roswell and other places, the study of their occupants and the manufacture of vehicles that can travel vast distances in the blink of an eye. –
**Meetings and joint undertakings with Ets. – **The development of weather control. --** The development of time travel and teleportation technology. --**The existence of of a high speed intercontinental underground rail system connect secret bases all over the planet. --**The deployment of our own “Outer Space Troops” to protect the earth from interplanetary invaders, ala a real “Independence Day,” scenario.

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Russia and the Majestic 12 Documents

Do I really think that the controversial Majestic 12 documents that kept so many UFO researchers busy in the 1980s, 1990s and 200s were the work of Russian Intelligence? Yes, I do.

That's the subject of several chapters in my recently-published book, Flying Saucers from the Kremlin.

Hakan Blomqvist Reviews "Flying Saucers from the Kremlin"

Hakan Blomqvist reviews my new book, Flying Saucers from the Kremlin.

He says of the book:

"Flying Saucers From the Kremlin is a fascinating survey of the strange world of UFOs, Cold War secrets and spies. Like a good detective Nick Redfern has a knack for discovering new dimensions to the UFO enigma and unearthing unknown documents. Reading his book makes it obvious that there is still much research needed before all the pieces in this confusing puzzle have been found."

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

My Home: Not a Creepy Castle or a Haunted House!

Probably because of the subjects I write about, people occasionally ask me if I live in some strange, old house of sinister proportions. Er...NO! LOL. It's a shame that I have to destroy the creepy image, but my compact apartment is pretty normal!

The picture in this post was taken in my living-room (which is also a part of the kitchen LOL) last year, when I was interviewed for a show.

M.I.B. TV...

For those who may want to watch, I'll be on Monsters and Mysteries in America, which will broadcast at 3PM tomorrow afternoon, central time, on the Travel Channel. The subject is the real Men in Black. It was originally broadcasted a couple of years ago, but is now getting a rerun, as are most of all the other episodes...