Tuesday, September 18, 2018

The Mothman Festival In Photos: Road Trip!

A bunch of photos from this past weekend at the  Mothman Festival in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, which was a great time!

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

My New Book, "Paranormal Parasites," Reviewed

A cool new review of my latest book, Paranormal Parasites, from Robert Goerman:

Paranormal Parasites: The Voracious Appetites of Soul-Sucking Supernatural Entities by Nick Redfern Paperback: 240 pages Publisher: Llewellyn Publications (September 8, 2018) Review by Robert A. Goerman Nick Redfern's latest chilling paperback is Paranormal Parasites: The Voracious Appetites of Soul-Sucking Supernatural Entities. That swollen title alone triggers some mental gag reflex at the back of my mind. I feel violated. The tagline and blurb on the back cover shove me down his rabbit hole:

"The terrifying truth is that THE EARTH IS ONE BIG FARM. And to paranormal parasites . . . WE ARE THE CATTLE. "Most people remain oblivious to the truth — there's a monstrous menagerie of supernatural entities that feed upon human victims without our knowledge. Fueling themselves with our psychic energy, high states of emotion, and essential lifeforce, these dark entities attack as we sleep and even in our waking hours, terrifying and tormenting unsuspecting souls whenever and wherever they can."

These are bold statements. Has Nick bitten off more than he can chew? Paranormal Parasites is a spooky and unsettling journey. Its arguments are as disturbing as watching maggots feed on a carcass. It is, quite honestly, a springboard to nightmares. Unfortunately, this book is not simply grandiose speculation. Redfern hits the ground running and covers a lot of territory. His menagerie includes Black-Eyed Children, Shadow People, djinn, thought-forms, Men in Black, aliens, hungry ghosts, incubi and succubi, Bigfoot, zombies, vampires, and spectral nameless things that haunt and hunt humans. Paraphysical creatures that literally kill and eat us are bad enough.

What defense do we have against supernatural entities that secretly feast upon us? How much soul can a soul eater eat? Chapter 7 involves Mind Monsters. I also imagine that a tulpa or mind-creature can be created by human thought. Not in the same way that Nick and others think this is possible. After all, millions of children fervently believe in Santa without effect or consequence. No. The necessary catalyst for creation might be the intervention of a watchful nonphysical intelligence. The tulpa or poltergeist is a reflective decoy. Belief and emotion feed the original source, not the distraction. This book makes me wonder about my own research.

How often do paranormal prowlers carry out their agenda in your home while you sleep peacefully in your bed? Men, women, and children everywhere awaken and discover that they are not alone. I continue to accumulate accounts of nonhuman beings that terrify vulnerable humans at night. These are not innocent hallucinations associated with Aware Sleep Paralysis. Many victims are immediately compelled back to sleep or rendered unconscious. The motive for these paranormal home invasions has always escaped me. Are these entities enjoying a late-night snack?

Paranormal Parasites is an appetizer. This ideal portion gives readers that perfect taste of food for thought. There will always be a place for you at the table. Whether you are guest or entree is up to you. Highly recommended.