Sunday, March 15, 2015

Too Hasty on the Roswell Slides?

Well, a couple of weeks ago I wrote an article for Mysterious Universe on why I thought the so-called "Roswell Slides" showed nothing stranger than a mummy. I'm still not ruling it out, but there is now another, new development in this saga that is ongoing and which is worth noting.

Information has now surfaced demonstrating a pre-Roswell connection between the Rays and none other than Silas Newton. We have Rich Reynolds to thank for this.

And in case you're wondering who Newton was, well, he was a notorious character who was one of the chief players in the equally notorious "UFO crash" at Aztec, New Mexico in 1948.

Newton also had an impressive history of swindles and cons - to the extent that there is an eye-opening FBI file on the man, which can be found at the FBI's website, The Vault.

Newton was always very cagey about where (and from who) he got the story of Aztec's "little men" from the stars. And - of course - that Newton is now linked to the saga of the Roswell Slides only increases the controversy - rather than lessens it. If I was to play Devil's advocate, I could speculate that the Rays were Newton's sources.

And there is something else, too, worth noting in the saga of Silas Newton.

Although the Aztec affair has attracted the attention of numerous UFO researchers over the years, it’s a fascinating piece of documentary evidence relative to the Aztec case that surfaced in the late 1990s I wish to bring to your attention - extracts from a journal written by Silas Newton around 1970/71.

It came thanks to the late,  investigative author and former CIA employee, Karl Pflock, and it is a journal that may ultimately shed more important light on the psychological warfare angle of the crashed UFO mystery.

Pflock (whose photo appears at the top of this page, taken by me in Aztec, in 2003) stated:

“In 1998, under curious circumstances, I was made privy to a fascinating document about one of the most controversial cases of the Golden Age of Flying Saucers, the so-called Aztec crash of 1948. I had little more than passing interest in the case until 1998, when a source, who insists on complete anonymity, showed me a handwritten testament, set down by the key player in this amazing, often amusing, truth-is-stranger-than-fiction episode. The contents of this ‘journal’ seem to lift the veil of mystery and uncertainty from important aspects of the case, while at the same time drawing it more closely around others.”

The story as told to Pflock was that the military was keeping a secret and close watch on Silas Newton when his tales of the Aztec UFO crash were at their height. More remarkably, military personnel were dispatched to visit Newton and told him something amazing: they knew his 1948 Aztec story was complete bullshit, but, incredibly, they wanted him to keep telling it!

According to Newton, when writing in his journal about his clandestine Air Force visitors:

“They grilled me, tried to poke holes in my story. Had no trouble doing it and laughed in my face about the scientific mistakes I made. They never said so, but I could tell they were trying to find out if I really knew anything about flying saucers that had landed. Did not take those fellows long to decide I did not. But I sure knew they did.”

In view of the revelations that the USAF encouraged Newton to continue championing the Aztec incident (or non-incident!), Karl Pflock wondered:

“Did the U.S. Government or someone associated with it use Newton to discredit the idea of crashed flying saucers so a real captured saucer or saucers could be more easily kept under wraps? Was this actually nothing to do with real saucers but instead some sort of psychological warfare operation?”

The questions are many. And, with a Ray-Silas Newton connection now made, the questions are likely to keep growing.

And, finally...

Pure, controversial speculation, but...

Silas Newton was heavily involved in underground mining projects, and Bernerd Ray was a geologist - geologists being a group of people whose work often takes them underground.

This begs the question: why would the Rays be brought in to see the bodies? Maybe because of Bernerd's work.

Maybe, then, the creatures weren't extraterrestrial. Maybe they were from...below.


  1. A wonderful post, Sir!

    In just a few lines you have managed to posit an alternative explanation to the thousands of sentences and some misleading video “claims” of “Carey Python's Crashing Circus”.

    The assumption of the 'Dew Carey' Comedy Dream Team of some 'space guys' that can easy overcome the inconceivable interstellar distances and incomprehensible energy requirements needed to visit Roswell NM (even by accident) are nothing more than testimony to their drooling technical incompetence and utter lack of formal academic credentials in the hard, physical sciences (or even its poor relation, engineering).

    Your offering of a charming real-world possibility of the existence of Marvel Comic's classic Fantastic Four villain 'The Mole Man' (and his minions) within Terra herself is actually MORE likely than what it would take to travel all the way here and ONLY THEN SCREW UP AND CRASH!


    (or should I say Bazinga! ?)

  2. "Official, court documentation has now surfaced demonstrating a pre-Roswell (in fact, late-1946) connection between Hilda Ray (husband of Bernerd Ray) and none other than Silas Newton. We have Rich Reynolds to thank for this."

    * * *
    "It should be stressed that confirmation of that connection between Hilda Ray and Silas Newton is being sought from a second source. But, the documentation is solid."

    Your link in the excerpted first paragraph above only goes to Reynolds blog, not any specific citation.

    Where is this evidence of "official, court documentation" that demonstrates a connection between Hilda Ray and Silas Newton? Is it online? If so, can you provide a link to any such citation or documentation? If it isn't online, where is it?

    What is the nature of this alleged "connection"?

    In other words, why should we take Reynolds' assertion of such a connection as credible in lieu of any such documentation being made publicly available for independent vetting?

    As far as I know, no evidence has been made available publicly to support any connection between Silas Newton and the Rays.

    Reynolds has also contended that Bernerd Ray worked for Silas Newton at some point, and I've never seen any evidence or documentation to support that contention either, so it would seem pertinent to ask "where's the beef?" about any such claims, and that any such actual evidence be made public.

    So, if such documentation exists, where is it? And, can it be made available for others to analyze? If not, why not?

  3. Steve

    It goes to Rich's blog and not to a link for one very simple reason: Rich hasn't posted the documents yet.

    And it's not Rich's "assertion." The documents are real - I can absolutely tell you that with 100 percent certainty.

    But, when you ask will it be made available for others to analyze - of course it will.

    And when you say that "no evidence has been made available publicly to support any connection between Silas Newton and the Rays."

    That's 100 percent correct. But it will be.

    This isn't a "maybe" issue. The documents exist. They are real.

    The connection is that suit was brought against Silas Newton in late 1946, as a result of one of his shady deals. Hilda Ray was one of the attorneys in the court case.

  4. Thanks Loki. I have to say that as someone who hasn't read comic-books since I was probably 8 or 9, I don't know the ins and outs of the Fantastic Four, but I get what you're saying! lol

  5. Hello Nick,
    Thanks for the nice post. A question: Was Hilda an attorney defending Silas Newton or against him in court?
    Regarding the criptoterrestrial "angle" it probably has no future. Crashed space guys, seems still to be the correct answer. I say, If Silas Newton had some real knowledge of supposedly “crypto-underground” beings, told to him by Hilda Ray, why would have he invented the Aztec case involving a crush of a flying saucers from outer space with spacemen? Aah?

  6. "And when you say that "no evidence has been made available publicly to support any connection between Silas Newton and the Rays."

    That's 100 percent correct. But it will be.

    This isn't a "maybe" issue. The documents exist. They are real.

    Have you seen them Nick? I wouldn't take Reynolds word on any document. In the 10 years I've interacted him on and off, he has yet to produce any of the documents he claims, or the documents have nothing to do with what he says they do. I would be totally shocked if Reynolds actually had anything here.

    If by some miracle for once he does, I would have to apologize. (groan)

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. David, Yes, I have seen them. I have copies. Although if the hacker is reading this, no they are not on any of my laptops, tablet or phone. Rich asked me to hold off on publishing them until he gets confirmation on another matter that may tie in and take the story even further. But, I should stress the confirmation isn't needed for the documents. They are real. Confirmation is being sought to take the story to the next level - in other words, what is available so far re the court document may be just part of the Newton/Scully story. The next bit on which confirmation is being sought may add to the court document story. But RR doesn't mind me referencing what has now been acquired.

    1. I meant Newton/Ray/Scully connection, not Newton/Scully.

  9. See also my latest on all this:

  10. Hi Nick. As I posted on Rich's blog this morning, I couldn't find any links between the Rays and Silas Newton when Don Schmitt first mentioned Newton a few years ago. It was my understanding from Hilda's family that her focus was trust/estate planning. I'm looking forward to seeing the docs.

  11. Since you now admit the "document" was a hoax, a real court case involving Silas Newton, but altered to make it appear Hilda Ray was defending him, who is the source of the hoaxed document. Is it Rich Reynolds?

  12. David, you are getting your documents mixed up. The hoaxed document is the one I refer to in my latest blog post, posted this morning. This was clearly designed to cast doubt on the genuine material. But, as I said, it took only a minute or two to prove it was fake. But the surfacing of the hoaxed material is new. The older data is the important one - and it's the older one I'm talking about in yesterday's article. No, Rich R did not fake it. He received it. But he very wisely chose not to publish it.

  13. Nick, I'm not getting my documents mixed up. I also notice that my last response never got posted. What I basically said is that Rich Reynolds in the past has claimed documented proof that Silas Newton was Bernerd Ray's "boss", but his documents never seem to appear or have nothing to do with his claim.

  14. David, I haven't not posted anything from you. If you send again and it arrives, I will post it. I don't censor posts. That goes for all posts from anyone - spam aside, of course. I don't know of the Newton "boss" story (but I'm guessing at Rich's blog), but I can tell you for sure that Rich's research into the whole Newton/Ray and "Aztec-was-actually Roswell" angle has uncovered very interesting things.

  15. Also, I rarely check this blog on weekends, so any comment made after around 5pm friday (when I stop working) is unlikely to appear in Comments until some time monday morning - that includes this weekend.