Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Thoughts on the Roswell Slides

There is one thing about the "Roswell slides" which I think is important, but which seldom gets mentioned. If you agree (or disagree!) let me know.

I don't know if the US Government does have alien bodies on ice or doesn't. But what I do know is that in nearly all the reports of alien bodies held at military installations, the bodies are generally described as being preserved, cryogenically or otherwise.

But the "Roswell slides" appear to show a body that is not being subjected to any kind of preservation, but is placed in a glass case where it's clearly on display. And meant to be on display, too.

Regardless of what it shows, it's that issue which makes me now think this body is not alien. The way in which such a unique specimen would be handled (if alien) would be to maximize preservation, not to "display" it in a glass case, and in a fashion where there is clearly no evidence of preservation techniques.

Agree or not?


  1. it might be alive, and it's an oxygen (or nitrogen?) tent, since they didn't know what else to do. But no. The internet wasn't around to disseminate photos and videos faster than even an army of men in black can confiscate them.

  2. The way the head is rotated at the viewer makes it looked posed. I have to wonder if this isn't just some high school science exhibit with a dummy in it. The placard being hand-written fits with that. If there are no clothes and genitals, another reason to think of a doll.

  3. It's probably a piece from a traveling "oddities" show.