Monday, March 16, 2015

Roswell Slides: A Murky Development

Well, now this is very interesting.

I mentioned yesterday that a legitimate link has been found between Hilda and Bernerd Ray and Silas Newton.

It turns out, now, that someone is already trying to derail this development by providing what is alleged to be further evidence of that Ray-Newton connection.

It took me about 2 minutes to prove the new paperwork is a legitimate document concerning Newton that has been altered to imply a Newton-Ray link.

Of course, it's important to note that this document has no bearing on the legitimate data on the Newton-Ray link which I discussed here yesterday.

But, had this faked material been promoted as genuine, then it would have raised questions about the other material - which is, without doubt, the real deal. No doubt, that was the intention.

So, to the faker: too bad, you're gonna have to try harder.


  1. With the "document" coming from and being trumpeted by Rich Reynolds, why am I not surprised?

  2. It didn't come from Rich. It was sent to Rich. But he chose not to publish it - which is a very good idea. But this new faked material is entirely separate to the good data. As I see it, the fake was quickly drafted in the hope it would be used to endorse the good material. But, no one is endorsing the hoaxed material - certainly not Rich nor me.

  3. David, for the record, Rich hasn't "trumpeted" the document at all. He hasn't posted it anywhere. All he did was send it to me and Tony B and we were both able to quickly confirm it was fake/doctored. Rich fully accepted that and has let the matter drop, in terms of it being in any way valid. But the important thing is to remember the difference between the bogus material and the good material - it's 2 distinctly different things.

  4. For the record, the faked document was sent to Rich as an email attachment. Now, it's a case of finding out who the email address belongs to. Find them, and we likely find the faker.

  5. Nick,

    I have to admit that I was sorely confused this morning pertaining to who had what and what was real vs fake.

    I have a better handle on it, so thanks much for putting everything in proper context.

    Tim H.

  6. No problem Tim! I don't think there has been a case in Ufology filled with quite so many twists and turns as this one...

  7. Wait a sec...Rich got an email from someone he didn't know, AND it came with an attachment, and he opened it? That doesn't sound quite right. Something is amiss here.

    Hope your doing well, Nick.


  8. Bob, The good thing is we have the email address of the sender...