Thursday, March 5, 2015

Adios to the Roswell Slides

That's the subject of my new Mysterious Universe article, which starts...

"The controversy surrounding what have become known as the “Roswell Slides” has been going on for more than a couple of years now. It began as a trickle of whispers, rumors, and conversations with various sources, some known and others still unknown. Then it hit the Net. There was debate back and forth. Opinions were voiced. And there was the still-unresolved matter of computer hacking, in the summer of 2014, in relation to the story. But, now, in March 2015, there’s something else.

"Check out the latest blog-posts and comments at Kevin Randle’s A Different PerspectiveRich Reynolds’ UFO Conjecture(s), and Paul Kimball’s The Other Side of Truth. It’s not an exaggeration to say that all-out, bloody war has practically erupted within the field of Ufology. The only things absent are incoming missiles, drone strikes, and panzer divisions on the horizon. There are the believers, the doubters, the middle of the road crowd, and those who find the whole thing downright bizarre. And, in certain cases, views are changing. Which brings me to the point of this article."


  1. You sum it up very nicely. I have followed the blog war with much interest, finding it in equal parts, fascinating, amusing and somewhat disturbing! Your article brings up another point that I'm surprised no one has mentioned. The Ray's may well have had many more slides back in the day. Unlike novice travelers who take pictures of everything, frequent travelers take pictures only of the most interesting or unusual things. A photo of mummified child in a glass case in some obscure museum is not out of place, as Adam Dew claims in his video, in fact, its just the kind of thing that the Ray's might photograph when viewed in this context. It may simply be that the current slides are all that remains of a much larger collection.

  2. Either way it has been entertaining.

  3. Yeah, there has been a lot of debate and it's a very weird situation. I can tell you what happened from my perspective: I would email (as one example) Rich Reynolds of the UFO Conjecture(s) blog. Me and Rich would be chatting and suddenly the hacker would insert himself in the conversation. His email address was A Glass Darkly @ safemail . net
    Sometimes he would just send emails with no prompting. But on occasion he would send emails that mentioned things where he clearly had to have read my and Rich's emails, because he spoke on specifics. Don't forget too that money was taken in a skimming situation from a credit card by the hacker. I should stress that no-one who experienced all this believes it had anything to do with "the government." It was some lowlife piece of shit who I am doing my best to find and make life extremely bad for him.