Friday, October 30, 2015

Bigfoot at the Bedford Public Library

A great last night with Buffy. And with good mate Lyle Blackburn speaking at the Bedford Public Library, on Bigfoot in the south. And the room was packed.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Texas ParaUnity Halloween Expo

Yesterday's Texas ParaUnity Halloween Expo in Dallas, where I spoke on the "Texas Chupacabra" and other unusual animals, and - as you'll see from the other photo - made a new friend LOL.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

UFOs, the Yeti, and Espionage...

A concise review from me of last weekend's annual MUFON New Mexico gig...


A look at the strange and secret life of Tom Slick, who moved effortlessly in the worlds of espionage and the Yeti...

Man-Made Flying Saucers Pt. 1 and 2

There's a new 2-part article from me at Mysterious Universe on the ever-controversial issue of Flying Saucers of the home-grown kind. Here's how it begins...

"As most people with an interest in the subject of UFOs will be aware, pretty much since the term 'Flying Saucer' was coined in the summer of 1947 rumors have circulated to the effect that some UFOs are secret, military hardware. We’re talking about man-made UFOs. Of course, those who roll their eyes at such possibilities very often bring up the matter of the decidedly ill-fated 'Avrocar.' It was a saucer-shaped vehicle that promised a great deal but ultimately turned out to be a disaster. It’s intriguing to note, however, that in the 1950s – when UFOs were at their height, so to speak – a great deal of enthusiasm for saucer-shaped craft was exhibited by the U.S. military.

"A perfect example of this enthusiasm can be found in the pages of the Air Intelligence Digest, Volume 7, Issue 12, dated December 1954. It states, under the 'Editor’s Notes' section: 'We have not joined the ranks of publications that print speculative stories of strange flying contraptions, nor have we had any polka-dotted strangers from outer space visiting our office. This is for real. A new aircraft configuration with a circular platform is taking shape on the drawing boards of Western aircraft designers that may well be the beginning of a new era of flight.'"

Here's part-1 and here's part-2.

Monday, October 19, 2015

"No Witness"

Nick Redfern's photo.

While we were at David Marler's home Sunday - after the New Mexico MUFON gig - David very generously gave me an uncorrected proof copy of Gerald A. Hausman's "cattle mutilation"-themed book, No Witness. A cool item!

UFOs: A Great Gig and an Amazing Collection

Here's a bunch of photos from the New Mexico Albuquerque MUFON gig this past weekend.
Many thanks to John and Susan LeMaster for the dinners, accommodation, and good times! There were 3 of us speaking at the gig, me, Nick Pope, and John Alexander. And around 300 people turned out for the event.

Definitely one of the stand-out events was a visit to the home of UFO researcher/author, David Marler.

David has a massive (and I do mean massive) collection of UFO books, magazines, periodicals, memorabilia, UFO collections from various old-timers from Ufology, and an incredible collection of material on the Contactee movement, and much much more - including a garage full of filing-cabinets filled with things like old APRO mags, clippings, old and rare journals and way more.

Good mate Greg Bishop would be foaming at the mouth at the sight of it all!

David very generously let me photograph some of his collection for posting here. As you can see from the photos, it includes first issues of both Fate and Gray Barker's Saucerian.

Also, as you'll see, David has a couple of items of note for those interested in the "Flatwoods Monster" saga of 1952 - including one publication which has a 3-page hand-written statement from Kathleen May, one of the original witnesses.

If you know the history of the CIA's and US Air Force's involvement in the UFO controversy, you'll know the name Dewey Fournet. David owns Fournet's briefcase which he (Fournet) used when he was interviewed by the CIA's Robertson Panel and which contained copies of the old USAF files that Fournet handed over to the panel.

Check out too the "gate clearance" card for access to the old Roswell base way back when. You'll see the signature is that of Major Edwin Easley, who - as Provost Marshal - was one of the central figures in the Roswell crash saga.

I could go on and on...and on. But, that's enough of me. Here's the photos...

Black-Eyed Children, Men in Black, and a T-Shirt

If you've read David Weatherly's ultra-creepy book, Black-Eyed Children (which is definitely a great read for Halloween!), you'll want the BEC t-shirt too, which is now available. (David's website linked here). 
David sent me one and here it is. 
And you can find an update on the BEC from David in my latest book, Men in Black. It's a paper that runs to 18 pages and which notes the deep similarities between the MIB and the BEC.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Death Line and the Didi

Two more new articles I've recently written, the first on the 1970s movie Death Line (Raw Meat in the US), and the second on the Didi, a mysterious "wild-man"-like creature seen in the wilds of Guyana.

Roswell: Hiatus or Change?

Is it time to give the Roswell affair a rest until there is actually something new to say, instead of just going over old ground? In my view, yes. And it's the subject of a new article from me, which you can find here.

Here's how it starts:

"If you are a regular follower of Kevin Randle’s 'A Different Perspective' blog, you’ll know that he has recently posted a few new articles on Roswell. One is on the controversy concerning the so-called “Roswell Slides” – which are actually nothing of the sort. And everyone knows that. A second was on the matter of the size of the debris field on the Foster Ranch, Lincoln County, New Mexico, where the wreckage of 'it' (whatever 'it' may have been) was found. And the third new article from Kevin deals with a military man who suspected that what came down was an aircraft. And, if you are a regular reader of Rich Reynolds’ UFO Conjecture(s) blog, you’ll know that Rich feels Ufology may be on its last legs, and that endless debate about Roswell is pointless and cannot lead anywhere. All of which brings me to the matter of this article.

"As much as I recognize Kevin’s enthusiasm for solving Roswell, I have to say that endlessly debating every tiny detail, repeatedly scrutinizing every single word spoken by those on-site, and trying to figure out the size of the debris field does not – and never will – provide answers to what really happened a few hours’ drive outside of Roswell in the summer of 1947. Here’s what I mean: the Air Force believes that what came down on the Foster Ranch was neither a weather-balloon nor a UFO, but a Mogul balloon. Now, if a debate about the size of the debris-field suggests it wasn’t a Mogul balloon or a weather-balloon…well… that’s all it achieves. And it’s all that such a debate can achieve."

MIB: Nothing to do with "the Government"

Over at Jim Harold's site, there's a new article from me on why the Men in Black are clearly not "government agents."

It starts like this:

"On the night of September 28, I was interviewed for 3-hours on Art Bell’s show, Midnight in the Desert. The subject of the Q&A was my new book, Men in Black: Personal Stories & Eerie Encounters. It was an interview which provoked a great deal of feedback and a number of previously unheard of encounters and confrontations with the MIB.

"What I found particularly notable, however, was the fact that four of the people who contacted me after the show ended took issue with one particular matter I brought up time and again. As one of them worded it,' You stubbornly tell your readers the Men in Black are not Black-Ops.' He continued: 'When you promote the Men in Black being paranormal you’re so far away from it.' 'It' meaning 'the truth,' I assume.

"Well, no, actually, I’m not. At all. His words, however, did get me thinking about the way in which so many people interpret the MIB phenomenon."

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

England Yes! Lithuania No!

Last night was a very good night, watching England thrash Lithuania in the soccer, Euro 2016 qualifying!

Something Fell To Earth, 1965

That's the subject of another new article from me, which you can find here...

Original Texas Bigfoot Gig - Reviewed

This past weekend I was at the annual Original Texas Bigfoot Conference, a cool event which I have reviewed for Mysterious Universe. You can find the article here, and below is an extract and a few photos from the gig:

"On Friday, October 9 I traveled from my Arlington, Texas home to the town of Jefferson for the annual Original Texas Bigfoot Conference. It’s an event organized by Craig Woolheater of Cryptomundo. Like me, most of the other speakers (Ken Gerhard, Lyle Blackburn, John Kirk, and Chester Moore) arrived on the Friday afternoon. A couple of hours later we strolled down to a nearby restaurant, along with around 50 or 60 conference attendees. As well as chowing down on some fine Mexican food, me and Ken gave an approximately thirty-minutes-long overview on the matter of the strange creatures of Texas.

"That included the legendary, near-Fortean 'Goat-Man' that provoked havoc, hysteria and excitement in the summer of 1969. It was a large, rampaging humanoid which was seen late at night in and around the woods of Lake Worth, Texas. The creature was variously described as scaly, cloven-hoofed, and even with horns on its head – hence the name. As we noted, however, since those long gone days, suggestions have been made that the beast was a wandering, white Bigfoot. An equally odd scenario!"


Thursday, October 8, 2015

Micah Hanks and the Cash-Landrum UFO

In  a new article, Micah Hanks digs deep into the controversy surrounding the Cash-Landrum incident of December 1980 - a case filled with numerous twists and turns...

Kelly-Hopkinsville Goblins and the CIA

The Kelly-Hopkinsville "Goblin" affair of 1955 is a case of Fortean proportions that still intrigues people 60 years later. Including me. There's another new Mysterious Universe article from me, one that focuses on a little known aspect of the K-H story, namely the alleged involvement of the CIA...

Pigeons and Peculiar Projects...

"Just one year before the dawning of the 21st Century, Britain’s domestic intelligence agency, MI5, released an extraordinary batch of documents. They told an equally extraordinary story. It was a story that dated back to the Second World War. As the British equivalent of the United States’ FBI, MI5 became deeply concerned when intelligence data gathered overseas suggested the Nazis were secretly training pigeons – in France, Holland, and elsewhere – for certain espionage operations. That’s right: feathery 007’s. Whether or not they had their very own equivalents of martinis shaken and not stirred remains unknown. Presumably, MI5 considers that to be a still-highly-classified matter.

"The plan was a complex one: the 'pigeon agents' would have coded messages strapped to their bodies and would make their way to specific locations in the UK. They were locations where German spies were hiding out and awaiting orders from Hitler’s cronies. Faced with the possibility of squadrons of winged secret-agents doing the work of Adolf Hitler, MI5 went one step better. They hit back in fine style by hiring falcon-breeders to turn the tables on the Nazis and have the falcons take out the pigeons."

That's how my latest Mysterious Universe article starts.

And for more of my pigeon-based research, see below...

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

UFOs: Space Aliens or Secret Weapons?

"As someone who investigates a lot of UFO reports, I’m often asked if I think at least some unidentified flying objects are classified technology developed by 'the government,' and/or defense contractors? Well, yes I do. There’s no doubt in my mind about that. And I think that as our technology develops, it’s going to become more and more difficult to determine if a UFO is ours or if it is the creation of entities from somewhere else. But, here’s the important issue in this debate: it’s one thing to mistake highly advanced, odd-looking craft of a domestic kind in the 21st century. But, what about almost seventy years ago? This is where I have a problem with the 'UFOs are all secret weapons' crowd."

That's the opening paragraph to a new article from me at Mysterious Universe...

UFOs, the British Government, and TV

That's the subject-matter of a new article from me, which you can find here...

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

UFO Conjecture(s) and MIB

Over at his UFO Conjecture(s) blog, Rich Reynolds focuses on my new book, Men in Black: Personal Stories & Eerie Adventures. Here's the link.

Aliens Among Us And The Men In Black

My new Mysterious Universe article is a 2-part one, on a very, very controversial angle: the theory that aliens are walking and living among us...and links to the Men in Black.

Here's part-1 and here's part-2.

And here's how the whole thing starts...

"Last week, I finished reading the new book from David M. Jacobs: Walking Among Us: The Alien Plan to Control Humanity. As the title alone suggests, this is an extremely controversial book. Although it is heavily focused on so-called 'alien abductees,' it is not actually about abduction events at all. Rather, its focus is on how abductees are allegedly being used to assist alien-human hybrids whose role it is to infiltrate human society. And, yes, that word 'infiltrate' is intended to suggest that nothing good can come from all of this. Or, from any of it.

"We’re talking about the way in which potentially hostile aliens – with no real regard for us, the Human Race – are working towards a certain, sinister day. A day when the Earth will be so heavily infested with these part-ET/part-human things that the invasion, take-over, and/or extermination, will be completed before we’ll have even a single chance to do anything about it. Yep, I said it was controversial! Even Jacobs notes this when he says: 'My research has uncovered a substantial presence of hybrids living on Earth…This book tells how I came to this seemingly ridiculous conclusion.'"

Thursday, October 1, 2015

A Monster In The City

Every few months I write an article for the "Creature Of The Month" section of New Page Books' blog.

And here's how the new one starts:

"Of all the many and varied unknown creatures that are said to inhabit our planet – such as Bigfoot, the Abominable Snowman, and the Chupacabra – perhaps the most chilling ones are not those that lurk in dense, faraway forests, in remote and expansive jungles, and on distant icy mountains. The ones that we should really be wary of are those that live practically under our very noses. It’s one thing to read accounts of extraordinary animals and rampaging monsters in faraway, exotic environments. It’s quite another thing, however, to have such monstrosities almost lurking on our doorsteps. But, incredibly, there are far more than a few reports on record of terrifying beasts seen deep in the hearts of our towns and cities. To be sure, it’s a chilling thought that, as we sleep, menacing beasts may be roaming around our very own neighborhoods. All of this brings me to a certain, memorable affair that absolutely defines the 'monsters are among us' scenario."

Here's the link to the complete article...


"Chupacabra Island" - This Afternoon

For those who may be interested, my most recent TV appearance on the Chupacabra gets re-run today, at 2PM Central Time, on the Travel Channel.

It was first broadcast just a couple of months ago and is now getting a repeat.

The show is called Mysteries at the National Parks and the episode is titled "Chupacabra Island."

It was filmed in Puerto Rico, in the El Yunque rain-forest, where many of the Chupacabra attacks have occurred.

It was a cool couple of days!

MIB, Black-Eyed Children, and "Rosemary's Baby"

There's a new 2-part article from me at the Mysterious Universe website on the Men in Black and my new book on the subject.

The article focuses on the matter of the 1968 movie, Rosemary's Baby.

It's a strange story that also involves the Black-Eyed Children controversy.

Here's part 1 and here's part-2.