Thursday, October 1, 2015

A Monster In The City

Every few months I write an article for the "Creature Of The Month" section of New Page Books' blog.

And here's how the new one starts:

"Of all the many and varied unknown creatures that are said to inhabit our planet – such as Bigfoot, the Abominable Snowman, and the Chupacabra – perhaps the most chilling ones are not those that lurk in dense, faraway forests, in remote and expansive jungles, and on distant icy mountains. The ones that we should really be wary of are those that live practically under our very noses. It’s one thing to read accounts of extraordinary animals and rampaging monsters in faraway, exotic environments. It’s quite another thing, however, to have such monstrosities almost lurking on our doorsteps. But, incredibly, there are far more than a few reports on record of terrifying beasts seen deep in the hearts of our towns and cities. To be sure, it’s a chilling thought that, as we sleep, menacing beasts may be roaming around our very own neighborhoods. All of this brings me to a certain, memorable affair that absolutely defines the 'monsters are among us' scenario."

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  1. I love your theories, but if aliens did come thousands of years ago, surely the "gods" would have showed the natives how their spaceship worked??? I'm curious about what you have to think? If the aliens went to the trouble of teaching agriculture, medicine and other disciplines, surely the humans would have been interested in the craft they came down on??? I know that early humans couldn't understand spacecraft, but just like today if a ship landed in my field I would be really interested in learning how it worked, I'm sure the ancient people where as curious as we are today??? I'm a big fan and do believe we were visited by "gods" aka aliens in the past. There are a million ???, but you're asking the ones I want to learn about. Greetings from Kentucky!!! Thank You.

    Stephen Powers

  2. Thanks Stephen, I guess the big problem is that when we're dealing with events that occurred thousands of years ago, things very much come down to interpretation of the facts - such as they are. So, I guess if I was in their position, I think I would be very wary of giving advanced technology to us, the human race, the mos destructive creature on the planet!