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A Ghost Book Collection

Peter Beckman is not only the author of Dead Hollywood and someone who I sometimes chat with about the Men in Black. He also starred in the video for what is, in my opinion, the greatest Ramones song ever: Psycho Therapy, from the band's 1983 album, Subterranean Jungle. This, of course, raises his coolness levels to unparalleled proportions!

Well, Peter told me a couple of days ago that he has decided to go ahead and sell his entire collection of ghost books. As you'll see from the list, there are some very old and extremely rare first editions listed here that, for fans of ghosts, you won't want to miss.

Here's Peter to give you all the info (you can contact him at

GHOST STORY Collection
All volumes with dust jackets are protected by Brodart clear plastic covers.
Every effort has been made to find accurate prices for these volumes. Many of these volumes cannot be located online.
All volumes are hardcover, except when listed as paperbacks, and are in good-excellent condition.
The seller will pay postage and basic insurance fees in the continental U.S. only.
Purchaser will have three days after reciept of merchandise to contact seller for a refund, if not satisfied.
The price for the collection is $5,500 US.
1) “Victorian Nightmares” edited: Hugh Lamb. Taplinger, N.Y. 1977. 1st , with DJ
2) “Strange and Fantastic Stories” edited: Jos. A. Margolies. Whittlesey House, N.Y. 1946. 1st
3) “The Other Passenger” by John Keir Cross. J.B.Lippincott, N.Y. 1946. 1st American, with DJ
4) “The Purcell Papers” by J. Sheridan LeFanu. Arkham House 1975. 1st with DJ
5) “The Collected Ghost Stories of M.R. James” E. Arnold & Co., London, 1949. With DJ
6) “In A Glass Darkly” by J. Sheridan LeFanu. J.Lehmann Ltd., London, 1947. 1st, with DJ
7) “The Ghost Story Omnibus” edited: Jos. L. French. Tudor, N.Y., 1926
8) “Uncanny Stories” by May Sinclair. Macmillan, N.Y., 1923. 1st.
9) “Ghosts, Ghouls and Gallows” by G.F.Marson. Rider & Co., London. 1st.
10) “The Eerie Book” Castle Books, N.J., 1981. 1st, with DJ
11) “Cavalcade of Ghosts” edited: R. Thurston Hopkins. Worlds Work, Ltd., Eng., 1956. 1st with DJ
12) “And the Darkness Falls” edited: Boris Karloff. World, N.Y., 1946. 1st.
13) “25 Modern Stories of Mystery and Imagination” edited: Phil Strong. Garden City Pub., N.Y.,
1941. 1st
14) “The Best Ghost Stories” edited: Bohun Lynch. Small, Maynard & Co., Boston, 1924. 1st.
15) “The Second Ghost Book” edited: Lady Cynthia Asquith. James Barrie, London, 1952. 1st.
16) “This Mortal Coil” by Lady Cynthia Asquith. Arkham House, 1947. 1st with DJ.
17) “Great Tales of Fantasy and Imagination” edited; P.V.D. Stern. Garden City, N.Y., 1945. 1st.
18) “Flower Phantoms” by Ronald Fraser. Boni & Liveright, N.Y., 1926. 1st.
19) “Twice Told Tales” by N. Hawthorne. Scott, Foresman & Co., N.Y., 1903.
20) “Devil Stories” edited: Max J. Rudwin. Knopf, N.Y., 1921. 1st.
21) “Best Ghost Stories” edited: Anne Ridler. Faber and Faber, London, 1925. 1st.
22) “All Hallow’s Eve” by Chas. Williams. Faber & Faber, London, 1925. 1st.
23) “Creeps by Night” edited: Dashiell Hammett. Tudor, N.Y., 1932
24) “A Treasury of Great Ghost Stories” edited: Ira Peck. Popular Library, N.Y., 1965
25) “Great Ghost Stories” edited: P.V.D. Stern. Washington Sq. Press, 1962
26) “Famous Ghosts Stories” edited: Bennett Cerf. Modern Library, N.Y., 1944. 1st
27) “Famous Ghost Stories by English Authors” edited: Adam Gowans. Gowans & Gray, Ltd., London, 1920.
28) “Monsters” Philip Allan, London, 1934. 1st.
29) “Unholy Relics” by M.P. Dare. Edward Arnold & Co., London, 1947. 1st w.DJ
30) “Modern Ghosts” edited: G.W.Curtis. Harper Bros., N.Y., 1890. 1st
31) “The Ghost Stories of Edith Wharton” Scribners, N.Y., 1973. 1st.
32) “Shocking Tales” edited: Robert K. Brunner. Current Books, N.Y., 1946. 1st with DJ
33) “25 Ghost Stories” edited: W. Bob Holland. Halcyon House, N.Y.
34) “33 Sardonics” edited: Tiffany Thayer. Philo. Library, N.Y., 1946. 1st, with DJ
35) “Hauntings” edited: Henry Mazzeo. Doubleday, N.Y., 1968. Illus: Edward Gorey. 1st, with DJ
36) “Tales of the Undead” edited; Elinore Blaisdell. Thos. Crowell, N.Y., 1947. 1st. With DJ
37) “Come Not Lucifer” John Westhouse, London, 1945. 1st.
38) “Ghosts, Ghosts, Ghosts” edited: Phyllis Fenner. Franklin Watts, N.Y., 1962, with DJ
39) “The Haunted Omnibus” edited: Alexander Laing. Farrar & Rinehart, N.Y., 1937. 1st.
40) “Monsters Galore” edited; B. J. Hurwood. Fawcett, 1965
41) “Weird Tales of Terror and Detection” by H.F.Heard. Sundial, N.Y., 1946
42) “The Bat” by M.R.Rheinhardt. Triangle Books, N.Y., 1942
43) “Panics” Philip Alan, London, 1934. 1st.
44) “The Barge of Haunted Lives” by J. Aubrey Tyson. Macmillan, N.Y., 1923. 1st with DJ
45) “House of the 7 Gables” by N. Hawthorne. Books, Inc., N.Y.
46) “Speak of the Devil” edited: S. North & C.Boutell. Doubleday & Doran, N.Y., 1945. Illus: Salvador Dali. 1st with DJ.
47) “Extraordinary Tales” by J.L. Borges. Herder & Herder, N.Y., 1971. 1st with DJ
48) “Tales of the Mysterious & Macabre” by Algernon Blackwood. Peter Nevill, London, 1952
49) “The Shilling Shcokers” 1979 HC. With DJ
50) “Ghosts for Christmas” edited: Richard Dalby. Carroll & Graf, N.Y., 1989. With DJ
51) “The Encyclopedia of Ghosts” by Daniel Cohen. Dorset, 1984. With DJ
52) “A Ghost Named Fred” by Nathaniel Benchley. Weekly Redaer, HC, 1968
53) “Haunted House” by Shirley Hughes. Prentice hall, N.Y., 1977. With DJ
54) “Dangerous Ghosts” by Elliot O’Donnell. Rider, London, 1955
55) “Ghost Tales and Legends” by H. Drummond Gauld. F.A.Stokes Co., N.Y., 1930. With DJ
56) “Ghosts of London” by Elliot O”Donnell. Dutton, 1933. 1st
57) “Haunted Houses” by Andrew Green (paperback.) Shire Album #7, 1975
58) “Ghosts in Irish Houses” by James Reynolds. Bonanza Books, N.Y., with DJ
59) “Shane Leslie’s Ghost Book” Sheed & Ward, 1956. 1st US ed. With DJ
60) “A Ghost Hunter’s Game Book” by James W. Day. Frederick Muller, Ltd., London, 1958
61) “Some Haunted Houses” by Elliot O’Donnell. Everleigh Nash, 1908
62) “Haunted Britain” by Elliot O’Donnell. Rider, London, 1953. With DJ
63) “Roald Dahl’s Book of Ghost Stories” FSG, N.Y., 1983. 1st with DJ
64) “Ghosts” edited: Marvin Kaye. Doubleday, N.Y., 1981. With DJ
65) “Lord Halifax’s Complete Ghost Book” Castle, N.Y., 1986. With DJ
66) “Strange to Tell” edited: Fischer & Humphries. Messner, 1946
67) “The Mysteries of Udolpho” by Ann Radcliffe. Everyman’s library (Dent/Dutton) 1965. In two Volumes. With DJ
69) “A Century of Creepy Stories” edited: Sir Hugh Walpole. Hutchinson, London
70) “The Second Century of Creepy Stories” edited: Sir Hugh Walpole. Hutchinson , London
71) “Ghosts and Goblins” edited: W. Harper. Dutton, N.Y., 1965
72) “The Collected Ghost Stories of Mrs. J.H. Riddell” Dover (paperback,) 1977
73) “Five Victorian Ghost Novels” edited: E.F.Bleiler. Dover (paperback,) 1971
74) “Hollywood Haunted” by Jacobson & Wanamaker. Angel City Press (paperback,) 1994. Signed by Wanamaker.
75) “Dwellers in Darkness” by August Derleth. Arkham House, 1976. With DJ
76) “The Best Ghost Stories of H. Russell Wakefield” Academy, Chicago (paperback,) 1978
77) “The Ghost Book” edited: Lady Cynthia Asquith. Scribners, 1927
78) “50 Years of Ghost Stories” Hutchinson, London. With DJ
79) “The Supernatural Tales of Fitz-James O’Brien” Doubleday, 1988. In two volumes. With DJ
81) “Shapes That Haunt the Dusk” edited: Howells & Alden. Harper, 1907
82) “Sleep no More!” by L.T.C.Rolt. Constanble, Eng., 1948. With DJ
83) “High Spirits” by Robertson Davies. Penguin (paperback) 1982
84) “Not Exactly Ghosts” by Sir Andrew Caldicott. E. Arnold, London, 1947
85) “3 Eighteenth Century Romances” Scribners, N.Y., 1931
86) “A Dreamer’s Tale & Other Stories” by Lord Dunsany. Boni & Liveright, London
87) “Best Ghost Stories” edited: Arthur B. Reeve. ModernLibrary, N.Y., With DJ
88) “The Haunted Looking Glass” edited: Edward Gorey. Looking Glass Library (Random House, 1959. Illus: Edward Gorey. With DJ
89) “Perturbed Spirits” edited: R.C.Bull. Arthur Barker, 1954
90) “Ghosts and Witches” by J. W. Day. Batsford, London, 1954
91) “The Book of Ghost Stories - M.R. James” edited: Peter Haining. Stein & Day 1982. With DJ

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