Friday, July 26, 2013

Animal Mutilations in the UK

Late last year, Jon Downes' CFZ Press published my book Wildman: The Monstrous and Mysterious Saga of the British Bigfoot.

One of the chapters in the book is titled Mutilations and Anomalous Animals. It deals with a highly controversial topic: namely, the conjuring up of supernatural beasts - of a distinctly Bigfoot-like nature - via the ritualistic slaughter and sacrifice of animals.

A number of cases of animal mutilation and apparent sacrifice that I detailed in Wildman occurred in the English county of Devon, specifically on Dartmoor, and specifically during a full moon.

And, it just so happens that the wilds of Dartmoor have a long history of hairy man-beasts in their midst.

Well, it transpires that there is a brand new case of animal mutilation - and apparent sacrifice - on Dartmoor, which also occurred under a full moon.

You can find the story right here.

As the Falmouth Packet's new article notes:

"A Satanic cult is suspected of being behind the grisly death of a pony, found mutilated on Dartmoor after a full moon. Police have appealed for the public's help after the two month old pony was found dead on moorland at Yennadon Down, Dousland Yelverton by a horse rider at around 6.50pm on Tuesday. A police spokesman said that the pony appeared to have been 'deliberately mutilated' and officers are investigating the possibility that the body had been left in 'some kind of ritualistic way.'"

In Wildman I told the story of a woman named Jane Adams, a devotee of Wicca, who I first met in a Wiltshire Crop Circle back in August 1997.  As I specifically note in the book, Adams revealed to me that she possessed "personal knowledge"– as she specifically described it - that a certain group of occultists had engaged in sacrificing animals "near a stone circle in Devon some time ago."

"Some time ago," as I explain in the book, was 2006, when other mutilations were occurring on Dartmoor.

The purpose of the killings and sacrifices, Adams claimed, was to try and conjure up, from some ethereal netherworld, both "a black cat" and a creature that would most certainly fit the description of the British Bigfoot and which would then duly perform the group’s dark bidding.

Certainly, it's a very bizarre story, indeed, one made even weirder by the fact that we now - unfortunately - have yet another incident that might very possibly have resulted from the controversial actions of the exact same group of occultists that Jane Adams referred to, and which I cited in Wildman last year.

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