Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Alien Viruses of the Lethal Kind

"There is one thing that we can say for sure about the UFO presence on our world: it acts in a decidedly stealthy manner. It never lays its cards fully on the table. It lurks in the shadows. It surfaces only briefly, tantalizing and amazing those  for whom it manifests. After which, like a typical chain-rattling spectre  it’s gone again. It’s not – so far as we know – overtly hostile. On the other hand, it has done nothing to help improve our situation on Earth, either. In that sense, the phenomenon is more than a bit of a conundrum.

"One day, however, the phenomenon may come storming out of those shadows and remain in full view for all to see. If that does happen, and it proves to be malevolent, then we had better watch out. Big time."

That's how I start my latest Mysterious Universe article on Dr. Bob Wood's new Alien Viruses book, which I ghost-wrote some years back.

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