Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Cult of the Mermaid Kind

My latest Mysterious Universe article focuses on beliefs and folklore relative to mermaids. But, in the closing paragraphs it delves into something else too - namely, disturbing, sacrificial rights undertaken by what can only be described as a "mermaid cult." I now have the full story on this band of occultists and will be revealing it in the very near future.

Here's the story.

In many respects, the nature of the group is very much like the one described right here...


  1. Nick you seen this MK Davis video?


    The bit you want's about 17:58 in.

    He's talkin' about a peculiar flash of light that does genuinely seem to be there in that it stays in the same place of what was remember a jerkily shot film but it also grows in size and vanishes over at least two frames.

    And he reckons straight after it some sort of figure possibly another sasquatch moves away from exactly the same spot and there is some sort of odd shadowy movement/variation thingy going on there.

    But I was wond'rin' if he might just've detected evidence of Sasquatch related psi phenomena perhaps even a teleportation/manifestation.

    If you don't wan'o use it could you pass it onto Greg and Dana Newkirk in case they could use it for Who Forted on one of their more scabby arsed news days.

  2. Do you have any further information on this mermaid cult?

  3. Hey Emily, yes I do. I'll have a lengthy paper on it all published later this year.