Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Forbidden Bigfoot: Reviewed

"Well, it’s time for me to get on my Bigfoot soapbox again. Or, in other words, get the collective blood-pressure of the “flesh and blood” brigade soaring through the roof. On several occasions here at Mysterious Universe, I have noted the undeniable fact that many people within the Bigfoot research arena will simply not address the theory that the creature is far more than a mere unknown animal. That is, aside from predictably attacking the theory.

"Now, I have no problem – at all – with someone concluding that the high-strangeness angle of Bigfoot has no validity if they actually do the research to prove their point. But, time and again, I come across researchers of the monstrous mystery who openly admit to refusing to even look at such cases, read books on the weirder side of Bigfoot, or engage the witnesses in debate. The reason? Their minds are already made up. And that’s something I do have a problem with."

That's how my new Mysterious Universe article begins, on the subject of Lisa Shiel's new book, Forbidden Bigfoot.

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  1. Hi Nick - you're so right. The idea that these are just simple apes is absurd. I was told by my spirit guide awhile ago during a 'peak' experience that they are our creator's original design, the Nephilim - cro magnon edition, if you will --most of whom died in the great floods (unless like the Yeti, they were on higher ground). In addition to being smaller than them, our DNA has been artifically clipped so we can't wink in and out of dimensional vortexes / space-time like our sasquatch ancestors could, which is what vexed our mutual maker enough to effectively get rid of them and start over, an analogy might be that we're parrots who have been artificially bred with clipped wings, because our ancestors kept flying away. Sightings of the creature today are brief as the creatures are always on the run from their owners, racing around in time like skipping stones.

    That's what I was "told" - and you have to admit it does make some sense!