Wednesday, November 2, 2016

"Monsterland" - Reviewed

Looking for some new reading material? You might want to check out Ronny Le Blanc's book, Monsterland, which I have just reviewed at Mysterious Universe.

Here's how the review begins (and here's the link to the review):

A few weeks ago I spoke at the annual Greater New England UFO Conference on the subject of the Men in Black. Also speaking at the gig was Ronny Le Blanc, who generously gave me a review copy of his 2016 book, Monsterland: Encounters with UFOs, Bigfoot and Orange Orbs. As you can probably guess from the title already, Ronny’s book is a controversial one. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Monsterland is a book that is very likely to split readers into two factions: those who believe that the various paranormal phenomena that Ronny describes are somehow inter-linked, and those who are of the opinion that such things cannot have such connections.

In other words, if – like me – you are a fan of the works of people such as John Keel, Linda Godfrey, and Rob Riggs, you really should get a copy of Monsterland. Even if you’re not, you should still invest in it, as it may very well cause you to reassess your views that Bigfoot, UFOs and strange lights have no connection. As for the title of the book, it is taken from a certain area in Leominster, Massachusetts which is known locally as “Monsterland.” And with good reason, too: like Point Pleasant, West Virginia; Cannock Chase, England; and Texas’ Big Thicket, it’s a hotbed for a wide and varied body of incredible weirdness.

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