Thursday, April 26, 2012

UFOs and the Matrix

In a new post at The UFO Iconoclast(s) titled Maxtrix UFOs? A UFO Stasis? Or something else?, Rich Reynolds begins in definitively eye-catching fashion:

"The idea that UFOs are the products of an ├╝ber-reality, not unlike that imagined in the Martrix franchise, cannot be dismissed out-of-hand, as far as some of us are concerned. The idea of a separate, unique real reality, promulgated by Plato in his Cave analogy and others (philosophers, science fiction writers, physicists, film-makers, et cetera), becomes a viable thesis by virtue of its being thought by us, by humans."

And if that has got your attention, here's the complete post.

And be sure to check out Rich's blog regularly, where you'll always find good, stimulating data and debate that goes beyond the usual, tired and old debates that have dominated Ufology for so long.

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