Sunday, April 7, 2013

Richard Thomas and the Bretwalda UFO Files

Over at The Examiner, Richard Thomas discusses his series of UFO-themed books for Bretwalda Books.

The 5 books that Richard has written (or, in a couple of cases, is still researching and writing) cover the notorious Berwyn Mountains "UFO crash" of 1974; the 1980 landing in Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk; the Betty and Barney Hill case; the Bermuda Triangle-linked vanishing of Flight 19; and the Aztec, New Mexico UFO affair of 1948.

As Richard notes in the interview:

"Bretwalda UFO Files is a range of short ebooks, I was told to keep the books under 10,000 words long, which is reflected in the price, they sell for around $3 or £2 each. The books are not meant to be the definitive word on any of these cases, just the essential information and some of my own opinions and observations They're a good starting place if you haven't looked into a particular case."

You can find the interview with Richard right here, and here's where you can learn more about the UFOs titles of Bretwalda Books.

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