Thursday, April 25, 2013

The UK's Phantom Helicopters

So-called "phantom helicopters" and "black helicopters" are most associated with the United States. This is understandable, since that's where most of the reports originate.

However, few people know that the UK had its own PH/BH wave in a period that ran from late 1973 to early 1974. It was an affair that even attracted the attention of the British Ministry of Defense.

And, you can find a new article from me on this very subject over at Mysterious Universe...


  1. Very interesting Nick, of course, sightings of this nature have been on the increase in England recently. Especially around the endlessly mysterious woodlands of Cannock Chase in Stafforshire. I've received quite a few reports over the last few months and have witnessed these black helicopters myslef. I Just wish we knew for certain, what the deal is........

  2. Interesting article, I live on the flight path to Manchester airport and just across the way from Buxton, I have spoken with friends and their family members about strange lights in the sky, sometimes in this case just one light, they did mention the light not having the same characteristics as regular aircraft, I wouldn't of thought this would explain all of the sightings but may account for one maybe two.

    I finally get to follow your latest projects, after facebook refusing. LOL. I Google+ & Shared this via Facebook.