Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Exposing the Cattle Mutilators

"This past weekend, I spoke at the Minneapolis-based Paradigm Symposium, on the subject of my new book, For Nobody’s Eyes Only. Also lecturing were Micah Hanks (on his latest title, The Ghost Rockets), David Weatherly (on his forthcoming book on the phenomenon of Tulpas – which, David was telling me, should be published around the end of the year), John Ward and Scott Roberts (who have a new release, The Exodus Reality), and numerous others, including Chris O’Brien.

"For me, Chris’ presentation was the most significant of the 4-day event, and I’ll tell you why. But first, a bit of background. If you aren’t familiar with Chris’ work, then you really should be. He’s the author of a number of excellent books of a definitively Fortean nature , including Enter the Valley, The Mysterious Valley, Stalking the Tricksters, and Secrets of the Mysterious Valley. But, it’s the details of Chris’ forthcoming book that we’re focusing on right here, and which was also the subject of Chris’ lecture at the Paradigm Symposium."

That's how my latest Mysterious Universe article starts on Chris' new book, which is sure to create a storm of interest and controversy!


  1. I am sorry that my tardiness last Thursday, prevented me for fulfilling my promise of starting a good ole Mexican wave during your presentation, Nick old boy. Not that you actually needed it, because you always blast the audience away ;)

    See ya on Paradigm 2014 --when you get back from the green room, that is :P

  2. LOL re Mexican wave :) Was a good gig, and good to see u again!