Thursday, March 6, 2014

UFOs: Who Knows The Truth?

"One question that I am often asked when it come to the matters of UFOs, cover-ups and conspiracies is how, specifically, can monumental secrets concerning alien life, Roswell, crashed UFOs, etc., be successfully hidden by 'the government,' when countless other sensitive issues – such as Watergate, Iran-Contra, and even the Monica Lewinsky affair – surface on a regular basis? Is it really feasible that the truth about UFOs could remain successfully buried when all manner of other data of a secret and significant nature comes tumbling out?

"Well, my answer to that question is: it very much depends upon who is hiding the secrets. When it comes to UFOs, maybe it’s not 'the government,' after all, that is hiding the UFO truth – whatever the truth may be. Incredibly, maybe the government (as an elected body), the military, and the collective intelligence community, don’t actually know. But, here’s the thing: just perhaps, someone else knows. And who, precisely, might that someone else be? Let’s take a look."

That's how my new Mysterious Universe article begins...

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  1. I think somehow Nick found Mr. Ring, reprogrammed him and Mr. Ring is secretly writing all his books for him. < wink >

    " This nut THINKS he's a vampire. " - Carl Kolchak. The Night Stalker tv movie.

    Huge Kolchak fan. Am working on developing my own Kolchak costume one of these days for use in my videos.

    Nick obviously has too much time on his hands. :)