Sunday, August 3, 2014

Old Books And An Interesting Discovery...

I found a few cool, old titles at a local, used bookstore the other day: a first edition of Arthur Constance's The Inexplicable Sky, from 1956; a copy of Adi-Kent Thomas Jeffery's The Bermuda Triangle booklet from 1973; Alvin Moore's Mystery of the Skymen, (published by Gray Barker's Saucerian Press in 1979); and an old copy of Daniel Fry's The White Sands Incident
I got all 4 for a total of $15. On top of that, in the back of the Constance book there were loads of old newspaper clippings tucked away, all on weirdness. 
Plus: the Fry book was actually signed by the man himself!
It looks like the Fry book is signed to "Ralph and Fash," whoever they may be!


  1. Actually, Nick, I think you are misreading the name to whom the book was autographed. I read it as "Ralph E. Fash," who happens to have been an engineer living in the Ft. Worth, TX area. I bet he had a large UFO library.

  2. Cool, yeah, that's sure to be him! Thanks Loren!