Thursday, August 13, 2015

Putting a Stupid Story to Rest

Anyone who says the late alien abduction researcher, John E. Mack, was murdered is an idiot. He was not. I still get messages and emails from people telling me his death was suspicious. It wasn't. It was a tragic accident. There's a new article from me on all this at Mysterious Universe. I don't expect it to sway the paranoid crowd though...


  1. I didn't realize Mack was an expert on Lawrence of Arabia as well as alien abductions. By coincidence, T. E. Lawrence also died in a road traffic accident, and in his case too there are people who insist on believing he was murdered on the orders of the government (there was an article on the subject in issue 328 of Fortean Times a couple of months ago).

  2. UFO researchers that become a nuissance usually die due to "fast acting cancer" within a few weeks, such a Karla Turner or Tony Dodd. in particular when they delve too much into govt. infiltration by et and human mutilations.