Tuesday, December 22, 2015

UFOs and Supernatural Black Dogs

"On more than a few occasions I’ve been asked why – for the most part – I don’t take a mainstream 'nuts and bolts' approach to the UFO phenomenon. Well, it’s true: I don’t. The reason being that I see clear cross-overs between certain Ufological events and multiple other paranormal phenomena. Take, for example, the more than a few reports on record of Bigfoot seen at the same time and place as strange lights in the sky. Or, the parallels between alien abduction encounters and reports of incubus- and succubus-style activity. Then there’s the matter of UFOs and synchronicities. As I see it, we’re dealing with something far stranger than an extraterrestrial equivalent of NASA. A perfect example of all this is a case from 1980. It’s one that has been hailed as a UFO classic (and in many respects it is). But, when we look deeper, we find it’s steeped in high-strangeness; much of which takes it far away from Ufology."

That's how one of my recent Mysterious Universe article begins, and which you can find here.

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