Thursday, October 20, 2016

A Controversial UFO Landing Case

Over at Mysterious Universe I take a look at a highly controversial UFO event (or non-event) from 1963....

Here's how it starts...

Today, the Royal Air Force facility at Cosford, near Wolverhampton, England, is probably best known for its huge museum. It is home to an impressive collection of vintage military aircraft. More than fifty years ago, however, Cosford became briefly famous for an entirely different reason. At around 11:30pm on the evening of December 10, 1963 (or shortly after midnight on the 11th, according to some sources), a dome-shaped UFO touched down on the base, bathed the surrounding area in a green light, and was seen at close quarters by two young RAF apprentices. Some say it crash-landed, rather than briefly touched-down.

At least, within UFO circles that was the accepted story for more than a few years. In accordance with the British Government’s “Thirty Year Ruling,” however, the Air Ministry’s eighty-page file on the case was declassified in 1994 and was made available for inspection at the U.K.’s National Archive at Kew, England. I obtained a copy of the file shortly after it was placed in the public domain; its contents make for interesting reading.

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