Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Immortality of the Gods - A New Book From Me

Available right now is another new book from me, Immortality of the Gods, which focuses on UFOs, ETs and the issue of immortality in the distant past, the present, and the future. Here's the contents list to give you an idea of what it's about:

Chapter 1: The Longest Lived Aliens of All
Chapter 2: Gold: The Key to Eternal Life
Chapter 3: Methuselah, the Oldest Man on Earth
Chapter 4: Gilgamesh and a Quest for an Eternal Existence
Chapter 5: Manna from the Skies
Chapter 6: The Immortals in India
Chapter 7: Ambrosia of the Gods
Chapter 8: Everlasting Life in Ancient Egypt
Chapter 9: Ireland’s Immortal “God”
Chapter 10: The Man Who Never Dies
Chapter 11: An Immortal in the Pentagon
Chapter 12: Seeking the Secrets of Eternal Youth
Chapter 13: “Containers” of Souls
Chapter 14: The Greys: Desperately Seeking Souls
Chapter 15: The Elohim, Cloning, and Living Forever
Chapter 16: The Science of Immortality

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