Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Final Events, The Collins Elite & Supernatural UFOs

From Phenomena Magazinea good, new, balanced look at my 2010 book, Final Events and the Collins Elite, a think-tank-type group in Government which concluded that the UFO phenomenon has supernatural - rather than extraterrestrial - origins.


  1. This book is by far the best book I have read on this subject!! Congratulations Nick on the great review!!

  2. A better way to look at this would be to examine a phenomenon such as poltergeist activity. This has been happening for centuries, and the same base phenomena (stuff getting moved about, weird noises and so on) happens everywhere, yet over the ages and across the world a myriad of different explanations have surfaced.

    UFOs, as the article rightly points out, tend to share properties of material and non-material objects. The only things which can do this are phenomena based on plasmas and electromagnetic effects.

    UFOlogy has traditionally treated observers as what one might term "perfect cameras", in that observer testimony is absolute and a good record of what has happened. Now, we've all likely seen the famous Penn and Teller magic trick where the famous "cutting someone in half" trick is performed first traditionally, then using transparent boxes so that the working of the trick and the deceptions therein are obvious.

    Now, working from this, we can posit that observers are not perfect cameras, and it is possible for observers to be fooled by fairly simple phenomena.

    It is also known that human brains are fairly susceptible to influence from various external electromagnetic effects; indeed one externally applied stimulus commonly makes experimental subjects think that they are experiencing the divine.

    Adding this together, a rather suspicious picture should begin to emerge from the gloom. UFO phenomena is mostly a terrestrial phenomenon, and is likely highly observer-mediated. This explains why Arabic observers experience djinn whilst Americans experience demons, and other cultures put different spins on the same basic phenomenon.

    What is actually happening is fairly prosaic: UFO phenomena at times interferes with the working of the human brain, and luckily for us, the ancient reptile brain which keeps our basic life functions running is near the centre of our heads, insulated from the effects of the phenomena by our neocortex. Thus only the thinking and perceptory brain is commonly affected in humans, and thus the phenomenon isn't lethal to us, usually.

    UFO encounters are thus really just what our brains piece together from being partially switched off by external forces, coloured by our inbuilt assumptions of what these forces might be.

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  4. Interesting book and I was particularly interested in the section on the colins elite as I was a founding member of Lord Hill Nortons initiative with Paul Inglesby that looked at the religious demonic aspect of the UFO phenomena. I am currently writing my own book that follows a similiar line of enquiry but with new leads I have found connected to Magick (not AC)