Thursday, March 1, 2018

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  1. Hey Nick, love ur books & work as touching all topics & always professionally done..but I have a question that never seems to get answered..that is, why is there little to no encounters of UFO abductions with ppl of African-American descent(or Blacks in general even) although its happening world-wide w/every other race esp'lly IN N.AMERICA? Is there a reason for this or are their experiences just poorly covered? I also should pointout that there is a WHOLE OTHER AVENUE NEVER UNDERTAKEN by journalistics types & caliber as yourself & that is concerning an early African-American named Elijah Muhammad & Fard Muhammad,a half African-Amer'cn. Out of these 2 men came the Nation of Islam, Malcolm X, Muhammad Ali, Louis Farakhan, etc. Their theology consists of a final "Apocalypse" when UFOs will show up sometime after the year 2000 & contain the "Original man". Why this would be of intr'st beside maybe givng some answers to any of a possible multitude of Blck ppl who've had possible abductns,etc(possible millions worldwide-?)but also b/c the dark & mysterious beginnings of the NOI was began in the 1920s/30s onward. How is it they had knwldge of such topics that far back? Where did they get this knowledge..was it their Masonic/Buddhist beginnings of their theology? Also, the NOI was full of avenues w/MYSTERIES & tales of murder by insiders, gov't murders/coverups, strange followings & investigations, a unique take on Ufology UNLIKE the mainstream & so much more(Its more than a mere sent'ece of an answer you'll find in it). Im not black myself but hve had many black friends who cannot find answers to these topics & some blve b/c so some thus feel UFOs cannot affect African-Americans 4 whatver reason. I just feel out of all investigators out there, you esp'lly would be the "one" who'd know how to dig into this seemingly unleft yet large area of ufology. Lastly, why is it the mystery of the "Min-Min Lights" of Australia are just about unknown to all but them..even mostly all Americans have never even heard of this real phenomenon of the Aussies? Keep up the great & deep work only you do! Jay of Jersey.

  2. Hi Jay, You're right, there is certainly a lack of such data. Of course, there's the Betty and Barney Hill case. But, yes It's definitely an area of research that needs addressing more. I don't unfortunately know why there is a lack of info on the Min-Min lights. Best, Nick