Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Copyright Infringement...

Despite what some people think, writing books does not make you a millionaire. Which brings me to what I'm about to say now. Check out this website (link below) which has infringed my copyright by placing a number of my books at their site as PDFs and making them available for free, and which I found out about yesterday.

As well as being a passion and something I love doing, this is also my job, I'm not a fucking charity, and this action potentially affects my ability to earn royalties from those copies which are copyright infringed and being provided free. 

If you are an author/writer I recommend you check out the site, as there are numerous books listed which are also now under copyright infringement.

The large list includes the books of good friend Greg Bishop, Richard Dolan, Philip Coppens, Graham Hancock. Jacques Vallee, Kevin Randle and it goes on and on.

Check it out and see if your books are up there as PDFs and being provided for free:

Here's the link.

PS: When I complained they quickly removed my books....

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