Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Robert Goerman Reviews "The Alien Book"

A great new review from Robert Goerman of my new book, The Alien Book.

The Alien Book: A Guide To Extraterrestrial Beings On Earth
by Nick Redfern
Paperback: 400 pages
Publisher: Visible Ink Press (September 1, 2019)
Review by Robert A. Goerman

Visible Ink Press caters a feast for the mind with The Alien Book: A Guide To Extraterrestrial Beings On Earth by Nick Redfern. Forty-four delicacies are alphabetically presented over the course of four hundred pages. Many entrees are plated beautifully with illustrations. Connoisseurs will appreciate the rich bibliographical references and index. Trust our colleagues at Visible Ink Press to deliver a banquet for the price of a good meal.
The beings, creatures, mysteries, et cetera in this book are indeed alien to the norm of our everyday lives and spatiotemporal reality. Whether they are actually extraterrestrial, that is, originating from some other physical world in our universe, will be a matter of conjecture and debate. Whatever they are, they are here. They are not going away today. Tomorrow doesn't look good either.
Every single entree is seasoned with Redfern's secret blend of horrifying herbs and sinister spices.
Do human crop circle makers attune to a higher intelligence? Sacred geometry and intent are two things that a magician or cabalist needs to create magic. Are these metaphysical artists working with large emblems on a living canvas to rediscover the ancient art of natural magic? Does this automatic drawing summon paranormal forces? Matthew Williams is convinced.
We completely agree with Nick Redfern that Men (and Women) in Black “are clearly not residents of our world.” We also agree with researcher Steve Ash when he wonders if these UFO Silencers with their alleged agenda to scare people away from the subject often have the opposite effect. Maybe the MiB mission is to purposefully highlight and “advertise” high strangeness. Are MiB the “teaser trailers” of the paranormal realm?
We ask ourselves if these MiB and WiB understand their own actions. Are the Men in Black at the mercy of something else? They can appear after a “sighting” or Active Paranormal Event before the witness has told anyone. They relate details known only to the witness. MiB manifestations can appear out of nowhere and vanish in plain sight as if they are inserted and extracted geographically and chronologically into and out of our reality.
Men in Black show signs of interacting with humans on both a physical and psychic level. The consciousness of the witness can be altered and manipulated during the encounter. Meeting the witness in person seems to be their primary goal and conversation appears to be of secondary importance. Maybe the intelligences behind the MiB manifestations are curious as to how lower lifeforms imprisoned by linear time exercise “free will” and make “choices.”
The variety of paranormal phenomena examined in this book is impressive. Redfern writes that “aliens come in all sizes, shapes, and colors. Some are friendly. Others are anything but friendly. They all have one thing in common: the human race has encountered them.”
Chasing UFOs and cryptids with nuts-and-bolts and flesh-and-blood mindsets might be a matter of “barking up the wrong tree.” Yet other researchers take these stands to appear more “scientific.”
While all forty-four entrees are delicious, we did find an occasional forkful that left us feeling frustrated. Redfern refers to Mothman's “glowing, self-illuminating red eyes.” This is certainly not his fault. Our basic knowledge of West Virginia's "Mothman" begins as flawed folklore thanks to author John Keel. The original eyewitness accounts state that the creature has “fiery-red eyes that glow when the lights hit it. There was no glowing about it until the lights hit it” (from Linda Scarberry's handwritten report made a few days after the encounter). “The young men said they saw the creature’s eyes, which glowed red, only when their lights shined on it” (from the Point Pleasant Register, Wednesday, November 16, 1966). Mothman today has evolved into weapons-grade “balonium.”
One thing is certain. Now is the best time to discover Nick Redfern.

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