Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Keeping Files To An Absolute Minimum...

I've just been reading this new article on Stan Friedman's gigantic research files covering his entire time in the UFO field.

Fortunately, when it's time for me to be dumped 6-foot-underground (or torched) there won't be that problem of having a bunch of people go thru all my files and try and figure where the hell to store it all.

The reason is simple: there are no files. None.

All of my research (or at least, I guess, 95 percent of it, or thereabouts) ends up in my books. And as I have written more than sixty books, that means just about all my research, interviews, files, etc is inside the pages of those books.

So (and this is the important thing) my books and my files are really one and the same, but in 2 different formats.

And, when the research for each book is over and done with I then destroy the original raw material, purely to ensure I have enough living space in my apartment.

As I see it, there's no point keeping thousands and thousands of pages of old, yellowing, fading papers, interview notes, Q&A audio recordings, etc when it's almost 100 percent duplicated inside the books. There is very, very little of my material and research that isn't in my books. And that which isn't in the books is for the most part not worth keeping anyway.

And I can do without a bunch of filing cabinets too! Not one can be found in my apartment, which is just how it should be.

Some people might be appalled by my approach. But, I like my room-space and I don't need to keep decades-old material when, in book form, nearly all of it can be got on Amazon.

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