Thursday, February 20, 2020

From Project Blue Book to the Skinwalker Ranch! WTF???

Project Blue Book was garbage when it started, but take a look at how crazy it's going now:

Hynek goes to the set of Close Encounters of the Third Kind in the next episode (the movie wasn't even made until 1977).

And in the episode after that, Hynek and the other guy go to...wait for it... the Skinwalker Ranch!!!


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  1. I got very frustrated with how much historical license was taken with events. Mantell was killed in the crash of his aircraft and Hynek was never in an aircraft crash trying to replicate events from an interview that couldn't have taken place.
    Just listened to your interview with Somewhere In The Skies and I think your advisement about doing research was admirable but probably not taken seriously by the host. I am noting that with all the possible research capabilities involved, that all too often "evidence" analysis is taken from probably not all too reputable sources.