Saturday, April 11, 2020

The Chupacabra: A 25th "Anniversary"

That's the subject of my new article. It starts like this:

"So far as can be determined, the menacing Chupacabra first surfaced in March 1995, twenty-five years ago. That was when numerous animals – mainly goats – were found dead in the towns of Morovis (located in central Puerto Rico) and Orocovis, which is situated within the La Cordillera Central mountain range. Locals were plunged into states of near-hysteria by the attacks, which reportedly left animals dead, with strange marks on their necks, and a distinct lack of blood in their corpses. At least, that was the rumor. Since many of the early attacks were on goats, the term, “Chupacabra,” was created. It translates as “goat-sucker.” Matters really began in August 1995. That was when a woman named Madelyne Tolentino – who lived in Canovanas, which is close to the northeast coast of Puerto Rico – changed everything. Madelyne’s description of the creature she encountered, close to her mother’s home, was disturbing, to say the very least. It was a description eagerly embraced by the island’s media and by investigators of monsters and mysteries."

My book on the Puerto Rican monster - Chupacabra Road Trip - is available at Amazon.

And here's the publisher's info on the book:

Beware of the Deadly Chupacabra! Between 2004 and 2015, Nick Redfern spent months in Puerto Rico, in search of the legendary Chupacabra – alleged to be a blood-sucking, vampire-like beast with blazing red eyes and bat-like wings. While pursuing the lethal predator, Nick explored the depths of Puerto Rico’s vast El Yunque rain-forest and its extensive caves. He interviewed farmers, police-officers, veterinarians, and military personnel – all of who shared with Nick their astounding accounts of confrontations with the monsters.

Highlights of Chupacabra Road Trip include: • The UFO links to the Chupacabra • Theories that the creature has supernatural origins • Tales of farm animals drained of blood by the monster • Government conspiracies and the Chupacabra • Sightings of the creatures in Texas, South America, and Russia

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