Thursday, August 13, 2020

My Books on CD

 Now and again people ask me if any of my books are on CDs. Yeah they are, some of them, in boxed-sets. And my next book, The Martians: Evidence of Life on the Red Planet will be available in CD too.



  1. What a splendid array of literature you've created. The book about Bloodlines looks mighty interesting, Where can I contact a publisher to purchase one? Your talk on Paranormal Soup on /30 was very interesting, you've allowed various unmundane subject to intersect feverishly. Anyway. take care

    ~Edward Adkins

  2. Nick, why are you still pushing the idea of Grey Aliens? It's fiction and provably so.
    The Greys / Alien Invasion / Agenda / Hybridisation / Abduction / Communication / The creatures people call were a product of Nineteenth Century popular Fiction invented in 1809 by Washington Irving in the worlds first Alien Invasion story "The Men of the Moon" which is where the term "little green men" comes from. Source - Irvings story was most likely was inspired by the psychiatric patient James Tilly Mathews who claimed that "Midgets with Large Heads" had abducted him placing a metal plate in his scalp (there was no metal plate) - Source -
    In 1891 Kenneth Folingsby wrote "MEDA A Tale of the Future " but changed the creature into "Tiny Grey men with heads shaped like hot air balloons invading earth and abducting people". Source - And Here -
    The Gray Alien was then embellished further in 1893 with H.G Wells Man of the year Million in which he envisaged The Greys as Humans from the future who had become completely dependant on technology and lived in subterranean pods. As a result their bodies atrophied but their brains grew very large and the developed telekinetic powers. Due to their isolated condition their skin lost it's pigmentation, they grew large black eyed and survived by floating in baths of amniotic fluid for nutrition. Source - and here -
    The creature wad adapted even further for popular fiction through the long running popular publication "Amazing Stories" such as Francis Flags "The Machine Man of Adathia" Source - and David H. Keller's "The Conquerors" Source -

    Greys and Reptilians in The adventures of Doctor Omega 1906 - Source -
    After years of literary embellishment the Alien Gray first made it to cinema in 1919 "First men in the Moon" Source -

    More fictional Reptilian Aliens in "Wonder Stories" 1930- Source
    After decades of evolution through various media The Alien Gray became fully realised as "The Mekon" in Dan Dare- Pilot of the Future in which he became a genetically engineered hybrid who ruled a race of humanoid reptilians called The Treens. Source -