Wednesday, December 30, 2020

The Vermont Monster Guide


Back in 2009, I reviewed a then new book, The Vermont Monster Guide. Well, there's a recent, updated version available right now, and I'll be reviewing it soon.

And here's the info from the publisher: 

"Though not widely acknowledged, the Green Mountain state is home to more winged wonders, wet weirdoes, and crypto creatures than any other state in the country. You probably know about Champ, the elusive monster of Lake Champlain. But what about Northfield's Pigman? And Richford's The Awful? Wherever you are in Vermont--in town or country, river or lake, land or sky--you're never far from the unknown. Or the unexpected.Joseph A. Citro, respected monster hunter, brings to light over sixty Vermonsters, many captured in exquisite, ghoulish detail by the pen, brush, and ink of artist Stephen R. Bissette. Designed as both a cautionary tale and handy field manual for those who dare, The Vermont Monster Guide will be of interest to natives and tourists, to young and old...though it may not be suitable for readers with fragile constitutions.WARNING: The Author, Illustrator and Publisher are NOT responsible for any unfortunate encounters that may result from the reading of this book."


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