Friday, January 8, 2021

Gigs, Interviews and More for 2021


As I've now finished my radio interviews for 2020, I've made a list of the shows for last year.
All of these shows are archived in case you want to listen. 
If you're a show host and I've forgot to include you on the list, let me know and I'll add it.
And, when shows come along for 2021 I'll add them to the blog.
Stephanie Langer Show: February 2
21st Century Radio: February 9
WBGU Dead Air: March 1
Tribulation Radio: March 4
Prove Me Wrong Radio: March 10
The Outer Realm: March 11
Dreamland: April 8
Mystic Moon Cafe: April 15
Mysteries and Monsters: April 26
Expanded Perspectives: April 28
From the Shadows: May 1
See You on the Other Side: May 10
Mysteries & Monsters: May 11
Paranormal Podcast: May 12
Fade to Black: May 13
Paracast: May 14
After the Paracast: May 15
The Unexplained With Howard Hughes: May 15
UFO Classified: May 15
Dark Matters: May 16
Coast to Coast AM: May 17
Somewhere in the Skies: May 18
Rogue Talk Radio: May 18
Just Energy Radio: May 19
Earth Ancients Radio: May 21
Spaced Out Radio Radio: May 23
Haunted Radio Voices: May 26
Open Minds UFO Radio: May 27
Universal Secrets Podcast: June 21
Weird Tales: June 25
Urban Radio: June 26
The Van Wessling Report: July 2
Paranormal Podcast: July 8
Exploring Bizarre Radio: July 30
Paranormal Podcast: August 12
Macabre Moments August 20
Paranormal Soup: August 30
Coast to Coast AM: August 30
Arcane Radio: September 25
Paranormal UK Radio Show: October14
Behind the Paranormal: October 25
The Outer Realm: October 28
Paranormal Dimensions: November 9
Supernatural Girlz Radio: November 11
High Strangeness Factor: November 18
Paranormal Soup: November 22
Monsters & Mysteries: December 4

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