Thursday, March 18, 2021

New Boxed-Sets of Audio-Versions of my Books


Three more, new audio CD-box-sets of my earlier paperback books are on the way: Close Encounters of the Fatal Kind, The NASA Conspiracies, and Assassinations.

As soon as the new links and cover-images are online I'll post them here. The CDs are doing well! 
And here, below, are the earlier box-sets already available so far...


  1. Re- your book about the Rendlesham Forest conspiracy. Your claims for the magician Jasper Maskelyne are refuted in this BBC clip:

    One wonders how much else of your book is hyperbole?

  2. Look, first, "Mr Beagle" if you you want to debate, try using a real name. You don't have to be scared. As for what you call my "hyperbole," the fact is that the Italian story of Maskelyne and the flashing, scarecrow/robot-like device was (and still is) very, VERY similar to the Flatwoods story. That was my point: look at the 2 stories carefully and you can't fail to see how there are very close similarities.