Monday, September 13, 2021

Winged Aliens: A New Book, Looks Good...

 Surfing around Amazon this morning I found this new book, Winged Aliens. If, like me, you have a big interest in the Mothman phenomenon - and similar flying "things" too - you'll want this one. Here's what the publisher says:

"Investigator Margie Kay discusses historic and current winged creature sightings that remain unexplained by conventional science. Sightings of Pterodactyls, Thunderbirds, Mothman, giant birds, and even fairies that appear and disappear without a trace have perplexed man for centuries – yet no one has come up with a rational explanation as to why credible people have seen these creatures until now. Why is it that UFOs are sometimes seen in the vicinity of these creatures? In this book, Margie Kay discusses the probability that these winged beings could actually be aliens or inter-dimensional beings moving in and out of our three-dimensional world. Newly obtained photos and video from witnesses support this theory. See multiple witness accounts in this book which include historic sightings, Margie’s own cases, and cases submitted by other investigators and witnesses."

And, here's the link.

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