Thursday, January 6, 2022

French UFO Books: Great Covers!

 Recently I got hold of a few French UFO books going back to the 1940s and 1950s. Here's a couple of them that look really cool!


  1. Hello and I a m writing an article about your book for a French magazine !

  2. Hello and I a m writing an article about your book for a French magazine !

  3. Hey Nick, I just finished reading your book "Final Events". The last couple chapters focus on the possible push for fundamentalist Christianity in our military, etc... What we are currently actively seeing is the opposite. We are seeing the heavy push from our government to Communism and Leftist values reigning supreme. I'm a military veteran myself, and we are seeing the push for woke ideologies in our military, government, big tech, big pharma, etc. Your chapters were insightful but they were foretelling the wrong direction... We haven't seen the push to go more extreme Rightwing, we've seen the absolute indoctrination of extreme Leftwing ideas. The Covid out break is exactly as what you described could take place...curfews, mandates, free speech obliterated...but the push behind these things is massively from the Left and the Leftist administration we currently have in office. Something is definitely afoot, but it's sailing in on the wings of extreme Leftist Communist agendas. Great book. I enjoyed it. Just had to flipflop the fascism part into "Communism".

    1. Hey Elle, thanks for that. Bear in mind that the story was given to me by Ray Boeche way back in 2007, and that the book itself was published twelve years ago. So, in other words, there is plenty of time for things to have changed significantly. We have to remember that: the story is an old one now. So, it doesn't surprise me that over time (from 2007 to now) things might alter.

  4. I love this kinda artwork! Would look awesome poster sized and framed