Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Tonight I'll Be On Coast to Coast AM: Men in Black and Time Travel

Tonight, an early hours interview with me, at Coast to Coast AM. On (A) the Men in Black mystery and (B) Time Travel. Here's the link...



  1. Great show.. thanks, Nick! My son corrected you - it's the 'Grandfather Paradox' - he's a Doctor Who fan hah! Cheers

  2. hey man i was looking for a fascinating article you wrote awhile ago. it was about a story you left out of a book, I think it was Black Vault, about a couple of friends who where high on LSD during the 70s and messing around with records. all of the sudden an ethereal man in a black suit came in to the room and sat down on the couch, he didn't interact with them at all he just sat there. This is a fascinating story and would help me with a book i'm writing, so if you could hit me with a link i'd really appreciate it. p.s if you've put this story in a book since then i'll gladly buy it if you tell me which one it is.

    1. Hey, Yeah the story you're thinking of is in my 2015 book, "Men in Black: Personal Stories & Eerie Adventures." That part starts on page 47. It's a creepy tale!

    2. Hey thanks man I really appreciate that. When I have these kinds of memory blocks I always try to post my way through it, but I almost never get a reply. Your a righteous dude for looking out fam! Added the book to the Amazon wish list, I look forward to it. Take it easy,