Monday, September 13, 2021

Winged Aliens: A New Book, Looks Good...

 Surfing around Amazon this morning I found this new book, Winged Aliens. If, like me, you have a big interest in the Mothman phenomenon - and similar flying "things" too - you'll want this one. Here's what the publisher says:

"Investigator Margie Kay discusses historic and current winged creature sightings that remain unexplained by conventional science. Sightings of Pterodactyls, Thunderbirds, Mothman, giant birds, and even fairies that appear and disappear without a trace have perplexed man for centuries – yet no one has come up with a rational explanation as to why credible people have seen these creatures until now. Why is it that UFOs are sometimes seen in the vicinity of these creatures? In this book, Margie Kay discusses the probability that these winged beings could actually be aliens or inter-dimensional beings moving in and out of our three-dimensional world. Newly obtained photos and video from witnesses support this theory. See multiple witness accounts in this book which include historic sightings, Margie’s own cases, and cases submitted by other investigators and witnesses."

And, here's the link.

Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Men in Black...


Available now is a new graphic novel, Men in Black. I thought it was pretty cool when my book, Men in Black: Personal Stories & Eerie Adventures appeared in the novel! And, coincidentally, last night the Travel Channel aired a rerun of a show on the real Men in Black I was filmed for a few years ago. Check out the channel, the show might run again.


Thursday, July 22, 2021

Uninvited Visitors: 3-D

One of my favorites, the first (1967) edition of Ivan T. Sanderson's Uninvited Visitors and with a 3-D cover. Pretty good condition, too!


Monday, July 19, 2021

"Mystery Stalks the Prairie" - Available Next Week


Next week, a 1976 book will be re-released...
For those who are interested in the "cattle mutilation" phenomenon, and who didn't see the book the first time around (which included me LOL - I wasn't even a teenager!), you should get a copy!

Friday, July 16, 2021

Interesting Files at The Vault

Over the years I've taken a lot of interest in all the various files the FBI have declassified and placed on their website, The Vault. Here's a few recently uploaded files:

The American Airlines Flight 2292 "UFO" case.

The FBI's file on Jack Parsons' wife, Marjorie Cameron

And, the FBI's full file on racist occultist William Dudley Pelley. The file makes it very clear about his scummy, nutty, dangerous belief systems. It runs to more than 700 pages and is in 2 PDF files.

Saturday, July 10, 2021

Deadlines, Deadlines, Deadines!

After a couple of months of various deadlines (that are now done), I'll soon be back to blogging most days!

Thursday, June 17, 2021

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

More Publicity For My "Marilyn Monroe and UFOs and Aliens" New Book


More publicity for the Marilyn book from the George Knapp show:

More About the "Marilyn UFO Document"


Of all the copies/photocopies of what has become known as "The Marilyn Monroe UFO document," this one, in the picture above, is the earliest one that surfaced into the public domain in 1994 - and that I now hold. 

This is the bad condition, yellow, faded, torn one, that was handed over to me years ago. 

It shows the "bleed"-through of the typewriter keys on the back. 

Anything else is a second or third (or fourth or fifth, photocopy) of the one that began to appear in the 1990s.


George Knapp, UFOs and Marilyn Monroe

Yesterday George Knapp interviewed me about my new book, Diary of Secrets: UFO Conspiracies & the Mysterious Death of Marilyn Monroe.

The interview is a lengthy one and you can find it here

Monday, May 17, 2021

Radio Interviews For My New Book On Marilyn Monroe and UFOs...


Radio shows I've done/doing soon for my new book on Marilyn Monroe and UFOs (Diary of Secrets: UFO Conspiracies & the Mysterious Death of Marilyn Monroe).And on other subjects, too...
If you miss/missed any, they will all be archived. 🙂
Paranormal Declassified (Travel Channel): January 4
Monsters and Mysteries: January 8
The Malliard Report: January 26
Into the Parabnormal: March 13
Howard Hughes Show: March 14
Arcane Radio: May 7
Coast to Coast AM: May 16
Jimmy Church Radio: May 18
The Paracast: May 19
Tracie Austin Show: May 23
Exploring the Bizarre: June 10
Universal Secrets: August 10
Mystic Moon Cafe: June 16
JGathering Radio: June 22
Universal Secrets: August 10
MiParacon: August 26-28
Mothman Festival: September 18

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

"Diary of Secrets" - A Few Photos from the Book...

Some of the photos you'll find in my new book, Diary of Secrets, on Marilyn Monroe's death, Area 51, the Roswell enigma, and more....



Diary of Secrets: AVAILABLE NOW!! Marilyn Monroe, UFOs, a Mysterious Death, Area 51 and More


Both the paperback and Kindle editions of my new book, Diary of Secrets: UFO Conspiracies and the Mysterious Death of Marilyn Monroe.
And here's the info and link on the book:
 Cold-hearted murders made to look like suicides and accidents. Classified government documents fallen into the wrong hands. Explosive diaries. Powerful people with dangerous agendas. Government people prowling around. Hollywood conspiracies. Frightened people with disturbing secrets to hide. Wild sex. Drugs. Crazy parties and flowing booze. At the very heart of it all, an amazing story of UFOs, aliens, Roswell, Area 51, and the life and death of a beautiful, but scarred, icon: none other than one of the most famous and loved actors of the 20th century: Marilyn Monroe.