Monday, April 30, 2012

Nessie = Ghost???

While I'm on the subject of cryptozoological weirdness, what if the creatures of Loch Ness aren't plesiosaurs, giant eels, sturgeon, misidentifications or hoaxes, but something really weird - like the spirit of some long dead animal...?


  1. Whilst it's an endearing thought that good ol' Nessie might be supernatural, I think we need to look at the consistent reports (none which seem to report a long neck) which suggest Nessie is a sturgeon. Humped back, dark skin, possible ridges down spine. I certainly believe Nessie has become a zooform, in the sense that the more people believe it the more things start to happen. I sat loch side in 1996 and five tourists all said they'd sene something - there was nothing there except ripples, wakes and shadows! I guess Nessie can be whatever it wants to be!

  2. Has there ever been cases when the long-necked beastie has appeared and/or disappeared in front of the witnesses?