Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A Werewolf Q&A

Over at, there's a new profile on Linda Godfrey (author of such excellent books as Hunting the American Werewolf and The Michigan Dogman).

It's a profile that begins as follows...

"Wisconsin author Linda S. Godfrey didn’t set out to become a leading expert in the manwolf' phenomenon, she just kind of fell into one cold winter in 1991.

"'I call myself the accidental werewolf chronicler because it was nothing that I thought of in my previous life as a career I might someday have,' Godfrey recently told me over the phone.

"She lives in the 'quiet, conservative community' of Elkhorn. In the early '90s, she got a staff job as a writer and illustrator at the Walworth County newspaper The Week and soon received a strange tip."

And here's the rest of the story, including what happened after that "strange tip" came Linda's way...

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