Monday, November 4, 2013

A Change Is Coming...

Next year, I will have several new books released, which will bring the number of titles I have had published to thirty. And, as a result, and particularly over the course of the last few months, I have been doing some thinking about what the future will bring in terms of my book-writing. Well, the main thing it's going to bring is a radical change. And here's what I mean by that:

Of those thirty books, approximately twenty or so are UFO-themed, one way or another. And all of those twenty (plus my cryptozoological book, Monster Files) are based around conspiracies, cover-ups, government files, and official records.

Well, there is something I have been giving much thought to and it's this: having written so many books with conspiracy-based themes, I honestly think I have reached the point where I have written just about all I want to on conspiracies.

I would stress (in fact, I cannot stress this enough!) it's not at all a case of burn-out. And no, I have not been threatened by the Men in Black, or silenced by "them"!

Rather, I really do feel that I have pretty much covered all of the many and various conspiracies that personally interest me (and having an interest is my only motivation when it comes to writing about them). And that has been a lot, to say the least. The long list includes: Roswell, Area 51, the Face on Mars, the Moon-landings, government files, the JFK assassination, secret bases, missing files, mysterious deaths in Ufology, and...well the list goes on...and on...and on...and...

So, rather than be forced into in a position of writing conspiracy-themed books purely for the sake of it, or because it's expected of me, I'm going to shift gears a bit. As I said, I do have a couple of UFO-themed conspiracy books coming out in 2014 (such as Close Encounters of the Fatal Kind for New Page Books, and which, even though I say so myself, is a bloody good one!). But, that's it. Post-2014, no more.

I would stress that this decision to move - totally - away from the realm of conspiracies won't mean I'll be writing books any less. Certainly, I'll still be writing on UFOs and Cryptozoology as much as ever - as there are plenty of aspects of both phenomena worthy of treatment that have nothing to do with conspiracies at all.

Plus, I would like to get into paranormal areas of writing (but not ghosts, which don't really interest me), and things like ancient myths, folklore, legends, etc., - which do interest me a lot.

But, the last thing I want to do is write about an angle of the unknown (the conspiracy angle) that, for me anyway, I have now covered to the extent that I want to or am interested in doing.

So, I view things like this: I have a solid body of conspiracy-based writing behind me, and which now (after thirty books) covers pretty much all I am interested in (or enthusiastic about) saying on the subject.

Again, there is no hidden motive, no MIB lurking around, no exhaustion, no disillusionment, etc. Rather, I simply want to remain fresh and not finish up like some band peddling its old hits over and over again.

Look at it from my perspective: twenty or so conspiracy-themed books in less than twenty years is a lot. And I have now done what I want to do in that field, I have made up my mind, and nothing will change that.

So for me, I don't - at all - view this as "the end." In fact, the exact opposite. Yes, at some point in 2014 I will indeed bow out of conspiracy-based writing and move onto other aspects of the paranormal that interest me greatly, but which - until now - I have had little time to investigate or write about.

But change can be a good thing.


  1. It has always vexed me that you can write a book faster than I can read one. It will take many of us a while to catch up. I applaud your decision and appreciate your honesty. Looking forward to your new works. Have you ever felt an itch to write fiction?

  2. I've never really felt a need to write fiction, plus it's a very different writing style to non-fiction. I kind of compare it to a drummer vs. a guitarist. They're both musicians, but totally different. Same with authors: there are totally different kinds of writing and I feel it's good to stick to what I do. Plus, I don't think I'd have the patience to plan and write a novel, I'm not good at patience.

  3. The paranormal is a very interesting topic indeed. I'm looking forward to see what you crank out my friend. :)

  4. Good decision - it's never a good thing to be typecast! I don't know if anyone else has mentioned this to you (or if you've seen it with your own eyes), but Watkins Bookshop in London, near Leicester Square tube station, has a massive selection of Conspiracy books in their basement which are subdivided into labelled sections like "David Icke", "Nazi Strangitude"... and "Nick Redfern" !

  5. You might want to delved back into the JFK stuff. Things are really heating up with the various JFK conspiracies, with the 50th anniversary coming up this month! I've gotten back into them for the first time in 10 years - lots more info has been researched and released.

  6. Hey Andrew, No I didn't know that re Watkins - interesting!

  7. John, I actually have a big feature on the JFK assassination in the next issue of Penthouse. However, as per my post above, aside from the either completed (or near-completed) books coming out in 2014, I'm finished with ALL conspiracy research, including JFK. 20 books is a lot on conspiracies, and I'm fine and comfortable with what I have done in that field and it's time to move on to other things that interest me.

  8. And here I was hoping you'd do a book on the US health care system and why it can't be reformed. It's a multi-billion dollar private sector industry second only to defense in terms of total revenue generated, and is responsible for the lion's share of personal bankruptcies in this country.

    Is anyone really surprised that a roll out of a government program that is actually a rather puny first step in an attempt to change US health care is running into so many serious setbacks at its birth? There's far too much at stake for too many players for the system to change. Sometimes, I think I detect a faint whiff of sabotage around Obamacare's roll out problems..

    Anyway, I'm glad to see that you'll be broadening your horizons. The world is full of fascinating topics that need exploration and will appeal to a wider audience than just those of us who need to look under the bed every night before turning out the light. Wishing you all the best with your change in focus.