Thursday, April 10, 2014

Dead Kittens

Weird: I found two little black kittens dead this morning, next to a bush at the foot of the steps that lead to my second-floor apartment. They didn't look injured at all. They were almost curled up together and looked like they died in their sleep. Odd they were dead together though. Perhaps they had been living wild, as  I do see feral cats here now and again...


  1. That is kind of strange. I wonder what happened to them? I just found your blog. I googled it. I was reading Brad Steiger's book Real Monsters, Gruesome Critters .... And he mentions you has some blogs. I tried accessing one ufo mystic but couldn't get to the page. I like your books. They are so interesting.

  2. Hey Jeannie, yes it was weird! Unfortunately, UFOMystic is now closed down. It wasn't actually my site; I just used to write for it. But, it closed down about a year ago.