Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Other Alaskan Bigfoot: Reviewed

My latest Mysterious Universe article is a review of a new book from Dennis Waller: In Search of the Kushtaka: Alaska's Other Bigfoot

And it starts like this...

"Available right now is a new book from author Dennis Waller. Its title: In Search of  the Kushtaka: Alaska’s Other Bigfoot. This is an excellent read for anyone fascinated by cryptozoology in general and Bigfoot in particular. It’s also a book that is likely to polarize its readers into two wildly differing camps: (A) those who conclude  its alternative take on Bigfoot has merit; and (B) those who have no time for anything beyond the 'Bigfoot is just an unknown ape' scenario.

"As you can guess from the paragraph above, Waller’s new title is not your average Bigfoot book. And that’s not a bad thing at all. As readers of Mysterious Universe will know, I have always promoted my view that the Bigfoot phenomenon is not just strange. Simply put: it’s too strange. We never, ever, find a body. The beast is seemingly impervious to bullets. There are reports of Bigfoot vanishing before the witness – and by 'vanishing' I do mean that literally. Bigfoot is seen in the same location and time-frame as other anomalous phenomena. And so on and so on."

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