Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Britain's X-traordinary Files

My new Mysterious Universe article begins...

"Out, right now, is the brand new book from David Clarke: Britain’s X-traordinary Files. As you may guess from its title, the book deals with British Government records on an astonishingly wide and varied body of paranormal phenomena. Most readers of Mysterious Universe will, I’m sure, know that over the years various arms of the British Ministry of Defense investigated reports of UFOs in the nation’s airspace.

"What Dave Clarke’s new book demonstrates, however, is what else the world of officialdom has had in its sights over the years. Some of it, as now-declassified files reveal, was not just weird. It was what we might term beyond weird. Dave is to be applauded for having spent who knows how many hours at the U.K. National Archives, digging around for material on the kinds of things that used to make Fox Mulder drool."

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