Friday, September 5, 2014

Men in Black: The "Other" Silencers

"With an article title like that above, you might think that I’m talking about the way in which the legendary, creepy Men in Black  make it their business to shut people up – and specifically UFO witnesses and researchers. Well, I’m actually not. The silencing  I refer to does relate to the MIB, but not in the way you might assume. If that all sounds a bit confusing, well, read on. All will soon become clear…

"About three weeks ago, I flew down to Houston, Texas to do a TV shoot for a forthcoming, 90-minute documentary. The subject was the controversy surrounding those mysterious, dark-suited characters that have plagued Ufology for decades. Since I have written extensively on the MIB, I often get asked to do television shows on the subject. Generally, they run smoothly. Not on this occasion, however."

That's how my new Mysterious Universe article begins. You can find it right here...

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