Friday, January 23, 2015

Final Events: ET vs. Demons

There's news on the latest developments concerning the "aliens are demons" theme that is the subject of my 2010 book, Final Events.

This link will take you to a new article from me (at Mysterious Universe), on some of the new leads and data that have surfaced since the book was published...


  1. b"h
    Hi Nick. I've read several of your recent articles, including the one at the link above and I appreciate your reporting. Regarding the possibility of daimons (demons) interacting with humans (regardless of whether or not Collins Elite holds the proper view) I can send you a personal experience from when I lived in DFW regarding a fellow from Dallas who was demonically troubled, by his account. A friend of mine and myself engaged in an exorcism (in '81) to help this fellow, with inconclusive results, but during which both of us observed a striking, unusual an phenomenon. My friend is still in Dallas, though I'm not sure he'd be interested in discussing this. The afflicted fellow has since passed away. I can give you details if you are interested. I prefer not to post them.

  2. Thanks Hanoch! Yes, I would be very interested in what you have to say on this. If you want, you can send them in a private message at my Facebook page, which is linked at the top of this blog.

  3. Hi Nick, lemme know if you need a hand. I'd love to help out. :)

  4. Interesting article. Make me wondering what is really going on.