Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Hypnosis and the White House

My latest Mysterious Universe article is a deeply weird one. I could try and describe it, but it's probably easier for you to take a look!

It starts like this...

"Mention the name of John Keel to anyone with an interest in UFOs, cryptozoology, and the paranormal, and doing so will likely provoke imagery of Keel’s research into two areas he was particularly known for investigating: (a) Mothman and (b) the Men in Black.

"There is, however, one case that Keel only briefly touched upon in his all-time classic, The Mothman Prophecies, but which is of such genuine high-strangeness that it is definitely worthy of further study and commentary. It was a story that surfaced in late October 1971, and reached the eyes and ears of the United States’ media. This was hardly surprising since  - in a curious fashion – it involved none other than President Richard Nixon."


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